POEM – new endoscopic technology performed for the first time in Karnataka

In an era where medical fields are reaching beyond any ones imaginations, Vikram Hospitals , Mysuru has performed Karnataka’s first Per Oral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) for treating achalasia cardia. The team of Gastroenterologists at the hospital has demonstrated most complex procedure in a simplest way with speedy recovery.

POEM is a relatively new procedure that uses endoscopic technology used to treat swallowing disorders, most commonly for achalasia. The procedure was performed on 34 year old Sudha (name changed) who had come to the hospital about 10 months back with complaints of difficulty in eating food both liquid and solids, which led to a significant weight loss upto 7 kgs from past 6 months. On evaluation patient was diagnosed with achalasia, which could prove worsening if not treated in time.

Dr. Rajkumar P Wadhwa, Director and Consultant Gastroenterologist at Vikram Jyoth, Mysuru said: “Achalasia, is a disease of the food pipe in which the nerves and muscles do not work properly, causing swallowing difficulties, sometimes chest discomfort, regurgitation and consequent coughing and breathing problems. If food gets into the lungs, it can be a life threatening if not diagnosed and treated well. The prevalence of achalasia in India is about 7 out of every 1 lakh population and numbers are likely to increase for reason unknown.”

Following the procedure on the fourth day Sudha was discharged from the hospital in a stable condition. On follow up she was found fit and able to eat both liquid and solids effectively with little weight gain. This is the first time this procedure has been performed in the state of Karnataka successfully, he further added.

Benefits of POEM:

* Complex procedure done without skin incision.

* Painless procedure.

* Shorter hospitalization.

* Better results outcome.

* Cost effective compare with surgical intervention.

(Source: Press release)

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