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‘All on 4’ bringing back smile in a day

Tired of your dental problem? Do you want to get rid of it permanently and get treated completely with 48 hours? The latest technology in dentistry – ‘All on 4’ concept has the answer. The all on 4 concept helps in bringing back smile in a day for any age group with little bone in the posterior region of both, upper and lower jaw whereby dental implants could not be placed. This concept involves four implants – two in the anterior region (straight) and two in the posterior (tilted) allowing us to negate the lack of bone. Over these implants, a interim denture/prosthesis can be placed immediately allowing the patient to resume normal day to day activities with a new set of teeth within 48 hours.

The best part of this technology is that the procedure can be done under local anesthesia/ general anesthesia and the patient does not require any bed rest says Dr Anuradha Navaneetham, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and Implantologist, Hosmat Comprehensive Dental implants and Facial Aesthetic Centre, Bengaluru.

Dental implants are nothing but titanium roots, the best solution for missing teeth. It obviates the need for removable partial dentures and it is a permanent alternative – Fixed Bridges. Removable dentures were the conventional treatment of choice but they come with the obvious problem of needing to remove the denture at night. Fixed partial dentures also known as bridges although a more permanent solution comes with its own set of problems – for instance the need to grind down adjacent normal teeth in order to support the bridge. Hence it is clear that the dental implant is the best choice. It uses a screw that is threaded into the bone and a cap/crown which is then attached to this screw.

But what happens to patients with the entire set of teeth missing – A completely edentulous patient? Conventionally complete dentures were the treatment of choice. But we at Hosmat Comprehensive Dental implants and Facial Aesthetic Centre have not only performed numerous implants successfully but have also done away with complete dentures by using the All on 4 concept further added Dr Anuradha.

The All on 4 concept provides a permanent, screw retained, same day replacement of the entire set of upper and lower teeth. The procedure is ideal for people with less bone volume and major tooth loss. It also does away with the co-morbidity of harvesting bone from other parts of the body and transplanting it to the jaw bone. The procedure is done on an out-patient basis with a procedure time as low as three hours. It involves the use of two straight implants located in the front of the jaws and two tilted/angulated implants at the back of the jaws. Using these four pillars as struts we provide the entire set of fixed upper and lower teeth in a single day. The dentures being fixed are maintained in a similar manner to one’s natural teeth. It has been described as a one day solution to life long, hassle free chewing and a brilliant smile. In addition, facial muscle tone is greatly improved resulting in younger looks and renewed confidence among patients.

Dr. Anuradha with 20 years of experience in treating the most number of single tooth and complete oral rehabilitation cases which included local and international patients who have flown back with a smile instead of dentures in a cup further stated: “We confidently state that the dream of “A smile in a day ” is now a definite reality.

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