The technological advancements of the past century have had a phenomenal impact on every aspect of human existence, and as technology continues its rapid evolution into the 21st century we at believe it is crucial to bridge the gap between the technology industry and academia while also sharing knowledge with people from all walks of life. Our news portal, which is focused on developments in electronics and healthcare technologies, is founded by a group of dedicated and professional journalists based in Bangalore who strive to provide valuable and thought provoking content.

Advancement in technology has revolutionized the entire gamut of living and this has given rise to competition. It is not just competition, but it has changed the entire working pattern of people across the globe. The development of information technology which includes the computer, internet and the telephone has helped conquer communication barriers and bridge the gap between people all over the world.

Modern technology plays a significant role in almost every field -be it education, business, healthcare, defence, management searching answers to complex problems. It is evident that technology touches each and every facet of our lives. Technology has largely enhanced the quality of life and also boosted the economy of the world.