Adopt Healthy Living with Phone Controlled LED Bulbs

By Soumyalipa Das.

Research suggests that the intensity of light has an impact on the regulation of emotions i.e a person’s mood. The C by GE connected LED light bulbs are designed for a healthier living or so as they say. These bulbs are Bluetooth enabled and can be controlled via the phone without a hub. They come in two types; one is C-Life and the other C-Sleep and both are designed for different purposes. One could now adopt healthy living with Phone Controlled LED Bulbs.

C-Life is for every room and the brightness can be adjusted accordingly. On the other hand C-Sleep is exclusively for the bedroom and designed for the natural sleep cycle. The light adjusts according to three distinct settings; for morning, midday and evening. These smart bulbs automatically transmit between the day and night and help to regulate the body’s sleep cycle. As per recent research light has an impact on the production of melatonin which in turn is responsible for the control of our sleep and wake cycles.

C by GE bulbs is simple and easy to install. Just put your bulb in any 60W socket, download the C by GE app on Android or iOS. The app will show all the details and from here either one bulb or groups of bulb can be controlled together. The brightness can be adjusted and you can set your times for going to work and getting back and the bulbs will work accordingly. These bulbs would save a lot of energy along with money. The bulbs seem to last for 20 years, based on 3 hours/day. But hey! That still counts. The bulbs will be available for sale at GE’s website: at a starter pack of 2 life and 2 sleep bulbs at just $50. These bulbs are definitely cool and let’s see if they will help in changing our life’s to healthy lives.


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