Alpha Audiotronics Introduces Wirefree Skybuds

By Soumyalipa Das.

Along with the mobile phones, earphones today have become an indespensable part of our lives. With so many things going inside our bags there is a general tendancy to misplace or lose these wired earphones. Well, one need not worry about it now, as New York based Alpha Audiotronics have introduced Skybuds– one of a kind wireless earbuds. These earbuds are wireless, so no more battling with the twisted wires of earphones and no more tension of losing one of the earplugs that won’t fit your ears.

This futuristic earbuds are not alone and come in a whole package which includes: phone and Skybuds charging case, interchangeable silicone tips and Skybuds app. The charging case will charge Skybuds and your phone at the same time. Currently the charging case is available only for the iPhone 6 and 6S models.

These earbuds are Ultra lightweight, sweat-proof and water resistant. Alpha Audiotronics markets of providing excellent sound quality with Skybuds. These include American-designed speakers, psychoacoustic algorithm for great bass and digital MEMs mics for passive noise cancellation and the best audio quality! (Of course, you will have to try them to judge that). Skybuds are designed for every ear, which means it fits your ear no matter whether your ear is small or big. The charge lasts for about 3-4 hours of continuous music play. The case can charge both Skybuds for 24hours of usage and if charging only phone it gives additional 50% battery life.

Using Skybuds is easy, push it inside and they will pop out of the case and you can put them back in the charging case for recharging when not in use. To answer a call press button on either Skybud, just one click to either answer or hang up and hold to ignore it. For music it works the same way. One click to play and pause music on both Skybuds or only on one.

Skybuds app can be used to monitor the battery level of earbuds and case battery and can be connected to any Bluetooth device. Skybuds along with the case is now available in three colors: Deepspace Black, Nimbus Grey and Horizon Gold. They seem convenient with the case doing the entire job and keeping everything together and with Skybuds tracking feature it’s highly unlikely to lose Skybuds.


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