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An app for your diabetes management

Worried that you are ailing with diabetes and how you are going to manage it? Providing a hassle free solution Lifespan, India’s first chain of comprehensive diabetes and metabolic clinics, has introduced “Lifespan-Diabetes Management Application”. This application allows patients to secure their personal data through the use of login accounts (username and password). This application also acts as a diabetes management assistant and is constantly updated to provide the user with most recent information about diabetes.

Android mobile phone users can download the Lifespan –Diabetes Management Application through Google Play. The app comes with great features like log for recording blood glucose readings, blood pressure readings, diet and exercise details. This application makes an easy reference for patients to acquire their entire log history. Patients can also visualize sugar level fluctuations which can be retrieved in graphic form This application has a provision to set reminders for medicine timings, insulin dosage and for blood sugar reading too. In addition to this, members can also stay connected with physician, and family members with the help of “Lifespan Family Connect App”, where they can share or update their blood sugar reading.

Meanwhile, the upcoming features of this application would include “Diabetes Education” where this app will provide diabetes management tips, and lifestyle modification that could help in managing diabetes. Yet another feature would be “Recipes for Diabetes” which will allow patients to enjoy delicious food without the risk of increasing blood sugar level. The “Social group support”, will motivate patients to control diabetes effectively. Lifespan-Diabetes Management Application is user friendly and a comprehensive personal diabetes manager that provides complete back-up of the health parameters on its server which can be retrieved whenever the patient needs it.

Speaking to Techspirit, Mr Ashok Jain, Managing Director and CEO, Lifespan Wellness Group said: “The app is designed in such a way that it helps to get your diabetes status in a proper form. It first helps your organize, then inform and finally interpret the diabetes status in easy and simple way. The response from the users have been good and three months with its launch and already over 1,100 people are using the app regularly.”

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