Get effective and quicker treatment with MiniMed Paradigm real-time insulin pump

The alarming rate at which the new cases of diabetes is rising is really a matter of concern. Prevention and self-care has been considered as the best method to combat diabetes. In the wake to help out ailing diabetics, Medtronic, a gobal leader in medical technology has come up with …


Track your health activity with GetActive tapp

In this age of new technology and fast moving life, physical exercise and personal health among people seems to have taken a back seat. Right from kids to elderly people, all of them seems to be engaged with one or the other form of technology. In a bid to help …

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Centre for Well Being forms group for technology users

Five minutes without an internet connection and there you are, feeling lost and out of the world. The world of internet has changed your entire being. However, on the contrary a lot of misuse and overuse of it has been creating trouble not just among the users but also their …


Milan Infotech develops mobile app for women and child safety.

Considering the rising crime against women, as a self defense mechanism, Bangalore based Milan Infotech Private Limited has come up with a mobile application ‘Click4Help’. Even if there are police and authorities for handling any such emergency crises situation but getting a immediate response from them at the very moment …

HCG mobile app to check breast cancer.

HCG developed an app to keep breast cancer in check

Of all forms of cancer, breast cancer seems to be increasingly prevalent among Indian women. As against the early days where breast cancer were seen only among elderly people above 50 years age, currently it is striking younger women in the age group of 20-40 years. Keeping this in mind, …


Healthy app ‘Healthizen’ launched to create a healthy society

Cleanliness and health goes hand in hand. This seems to be on the top most priority for Karnataka State Health and Family Welfare Department. Working towards this effect, the Department has just launched a mobile application called ‘Healthizen’. The app, which is the first of its kind in South Asia …

Unitek Software

Unitek brings about a revolution for innovative teaching and learning process for schools and individual students, fitting for 21st century

INTERVIEW: Change is the only thing constant and this holds true for the education system as well. Gone are the days when teaching and learning used to be confined to the four walls of a closed room where only the teachers used to do the talking and children were just …


Computer aids docs to conduct knee-replacement precisely

Achieving 100% precision in terms of knee replacement was always a matter of concern. But thanks all to the technology, with the help of computer, specialists at Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore are now able to get higher precision, correct alignment and lesser blood loss during the procedure. This provides a win-win …


Newest lifestyle disease- ‘internet addiction’ ails Bangalore’s young population

It isn’t just diabetes, hypertension and obesity cases that has been rising in city, but the IT capital of the country- ‘Bangalore’ of recent is ailing with the newest lifestyle disease – internet addiction. According to city based experts, it is the teenagers and young adults who are increasingly falling …


I-pads makes treatment process easier for docs at Manipal Hospital

The entire healthcare scenario seems to have undergone a sea change with the coming in of newer technology and gadgets. Some might have a notion that new gadgets are just meant for entertainment purpose, but this is not true, if used in the right perspective it can ease one’s work. …