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Bharat Health Organization providing one-stop preventive healthcare solution

Preventive healthcare is something which most of us tend to neglect. It is only when the ailment comes up as a trigger we try to rush for medical intervention. With busy work schedule, everyone is now looking at finding healthcare solutions at their finger tips. Learning from his own experience, Bengaluru based techie Mr Manas Garg, CEO, Bharat Health Organization (BHO), aiming at connecting doctors and patients beyond boundaries and act as a one-stop solution for preventive healthcare who had launched an online portal is getting responses from across the country. Many of the organizations are now coming forward to take up the services.

After having a bad experience where he had to wait for long hours at a clinic to get his medical report and also keeping in mind the need of people, Mr Manas, and also a former TCS employee who came up with says: “In 2011 I had a fracture of my hand for which I had to be operated thrice as it was not happening correctly and for hours I had wait for the doctor. Then I opted to go to Delhi for treatment. Since the pre-hospital and post-hospital costs are not covered under the health insurance schemes we end up paying huge amount. This had been the triggering point which led me to think and come up with this idea. Following which with one of my friend we tried to to study the online healthcare market in the USA and UK before our launch a month ago. Technology enabled health care services is the need of the hour. With rising incidence of lifestyle diseases, it is now essential for people to take up preventive healthcare seriously.”

Manas Garg, CEO, Bharat Health Organization (BHO)

Manas Garg, CEO, Bharat Health Organization (BHO)

So how does one get started with the portal? Speaking to Techspirit about it, Mr Manas said: “Once one logs in and registers they are open to a wide range of health management tools. These tools offers health reports, free consultations and treatment discounts. A network of 40 plus hospitals and clinics and 300 chain of hospitals across 20 major Indian cities are covered and all major specialists- pediatricians, orthopedics, gynaecologists, cardiologists, dermatologists and oncologists. We have started up with preventive healthcare and educational institutions are our first target.”

Major specialists doctors like general physicians, pediatricians, orthopedics, gynecologists, cardiologist, dermatologist, ENT, neurologist, ophthalmologist, oncologist are covered by BHO network. Meanwhile, it is also associated with several hospital across the country. Currently the facility is available across 800 cities with their major presence in 11 larger cities with Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Noida, Pune to name a few. Mr Manas said: “A private firm from Assam has asked us to take care of the preventive healthcare part in their organization and also we have had calls from engineering colleges for the same.”

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