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Driven by their passion and belief founders of Bionivid, all three of whom are MSc degree holders have proven themselves that in order to bring about a change one requires an aptitude, interest and passion to understand science, and degree could be replaced with experience and interest. Hitesh Goswami, Co- founder and Director, Bionivid says: “With our experience in handling and working with so many eminent scientists, even without a formal degree and training, we could understand our clients research objectives and provide the right solution at Bionivid.”

BionividWorking at Piramal Lifescience for over two years following his post graduation, Hitesh had developed specialized skills for life science technology service industry (specifically Genomics). He says, “At that time, I had plan to pursue MBA and infact got an admission with partial scholarship at University of San Diego MBA program (2010). However, I dropped the plan and continued with the entrepreneurial journey. It was a tough decision to make but passion for starting an entrepreneurial venture overcame the temptation for a fancy degree from United States.”


Hitesh Goswami, Co- founder and Director, Bionivid.

Hitesh founded Bionivid along with his two former colleagues Mr Rohit Shukla and Mr Madavan Vasudevan from Bengaluru who had common passion, interest, complementing skill sets and belief in each others capabilities. He said: “The timing was very right as advances in Genomics technology and market was happening at phenomenal rate. With introduction of Next Generation Sequencing Technology, huge amount of data was being generated at a very fast pace. We could envision the need of core “Informatics” to manage this data deluge.”

Based in Bengaluru, Bionivid is a Genome “IT” company with key focus on providing Informatics solutions for high throughput genomics data, specifically Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Technology. Bionivid specialize in providing core Informatics solutions to our clients which helps them in interpretation of huge amount of data generated using NGS technology. We associate with our clients at different levels right from -Data generation,Training, Analytics service, Set up high end “IT” infrastructure with specialized Workstations / Servers / Clusters for data analytic (we recently tied up with Dell as OEM solution partners to develop for the 1st time in the world, specialized workstations and servers for NGS data analytics), Developing niche “IT” products (custom databases) for data management and migration.

Apart from academics, finances has always a challenge and also it becomes very difficult to attract investors. He says: “Getting funding and investment, has been a major bottleneck. However, having said that, the best part about us is that we do not give-up and with limited resources and finances, we have been able to grow from 3 people to 25 people company in last 4 years and also we now have an office branch in Bhubaneshwer (Odisha). We might not be growing at the pace we would ideally want, but nevertheless, we are still growing at a very steady rate.”

When asked about their future plans Hitesh said that they are looking at establishing themselves as the most innovative Genomic Service company in the World who understands the challenges faced clinets and their needs in terms of solutions they require at various stages of their Genomics based projects. He further added: “We envision ourselves to be a company whih enables clients with unique and simplified soultions for their Genomics based research needs.Eventually, we also plan to expand our services of Genomics into consumer market, where the technology would be used extensively for predictive healthcare and personalized medicine.”


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