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Maintain your body’s mineral balance with magnetized water

Water, which makes up over 70% of our body composition, is the most influential and vital component of our health, providing the body with the ability to maintain good health and prevent deterioration. However, this can only be achieved if the quality, content, and structure of the water meet the body’s requirements.

Inadequate protection of water sources, microbial pollution and harmful chemicals are some of the hazards that impact the quality of water, posing a huge risk of outbreaks of water-borne diseases. A United Nations report ranks India 120th out of 122 countries for its water quality, which only suggests that water contamination has become a critical issue and needs immediate attention. Moreover, environmental changes have led to the rise in new-age contaminants in our water sources, which has resulted in overtaxing the body’s ability to remain in a state of balance.

Over recent years there has been a rapid increase in the use of technologies employing magnetic fields. It’s a relatively lesser heard of concept and not many people in India are aware of its benefits. Water enriched with magnetic properties reacts with the body’s magnetic influence and can enhance the way the body maintains a state of balance which is important for healthy living.

Apart from the benefits to human beings, magnetized water is also beneficial for plants, increasing crop yield, improving properties of irrigation water, etc.Magnetic treatment of water involves passing water through multiple magnetic fields, resulting in enhancing the properties of water. With the emergence of new age water contaminants, technologies used for water purification are constantly evolving, Mineral Absorption Technology (MAT) being one of them. The MAT magnetizes the water which makes it easier for the body cells to absorb the nutrients, thus helping in energy-building, activating, cleansing, and detoxifying. Magnetized water has many benefits, and when you find the right device to produce this vital water, you’ll have more energy and greater health than you’ve ever had before.

Some of the benefits of magnetized water are:

Good for kidneys.
Healing bladder problems.
Reduces overall acidity.
Helps the heart and manages blood pressure.
Wound healing.
Asthma and bronchitis.
Better absorption of nutrients.


The writer is Dr. Abhay Kumar, Chief Scientific Officer, Eureka Forbes Institute of Environment.


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