C-Way Wearable GPS Ensures Better Safety for Kids

By Precious T John.

C-Way’s latest gizmo has upgraded the safety of kids to much more convenient level. They have launched a GPS-enabled smart watch for kids. It’s the first plug in and play wearable GPS for kids. The primary function of this gadget is to locate the kid’s current position at anytime and show it to the parents through their C-Way app on their respective smart phones.

This device also acts as a scheduler to the kids, and gives them reminders about their homework, project activities and play time. Also, the device enables the parents to input a time table schedule into the watch and alerts the parents if their children’s position is matching with their schedule. For example, if your kid has to be at a recital at 3pm at an auditorium. This device alerts the parent if the kid has reached the spot on the scheduled time.
Even if the watch is removed, the parents are alerted. These features are really a tension easer for parents who are constantly worried about their kid’s safety in these modern times.Other features of this smart watch includes a messenger where a one way text message can be sent from the parent to the kid’s watch, an alarm clock which gives reminders to the kid about their schedule.

The C-Way smart watch works with a smart GPS + cell tower location to locate the most accurate place in the outdoor, and a GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, GPRS, working worldwide without roaming problems. It also has a battery capacity of 330mAH, which can stay on for upto 48hrs. It consists of a LCD screen: 128 x 64 pixels and Bluetooth connectivity 4.0 low energy.

The gadget also attracts kids by the LEGO figurine that can be attached to the watch.C-Way has just not stopped with this, they have also developed a smart clock “BUBBLE”, which can be kept in the kid’s room and consists of features like scheduling daily time table, 2 way wireless communication between parents and kids, alarm clock and a special feature known as air quality monitoring which shows the quality of the air the kid is breathing.

Both smart watch and smart clock can be pre ordered now. All these new innovations are definitely showing the advancement of technology in the area of safety and security especially of the children.

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