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Cardiac Design Labs’ MIRCaM to facilitate better cardiac management

With cardiovascualr diseases rising by leaps and bounds across the globe, cardiac care and diagnosis has been one of biggest challenges. Keeping this in mind, Bengaluru based Cardiac Design Labs engaged in the design and development of state-of-the-art medical products have put in their innovation and engineering and have developed MIRCaM, for better cardiac management.

Mobile Intelligent Remote Cardiac Monitor (MIRCaM), an ambulatory cardiac monitoring and diagnosing system is capable of real-time, intelligent, and full disclosure monitoring, analysis and diagnosis of a wide range of cardiac conditions like arrhythmia,myocardial ischemia and infarction. Speaking to Techspirit, Mr Praveen L Murthy, VP- Production and Engineering, Cardiac Design Labs said: “The system aims at decentralizing cardiac care by providing extended healthcare to sub-urban and rural places of India, by enabling a doctor to diagnose potential cardiac patients and monitor the ECG accurately and in real-time and establish a connection with an expert from the remote location to effectively treat or refer afflicted patients. The system raises alarms on episodes locally and remotely when connected and is designed for short to long term monitoring to detect conditions, particularly those that occur sporadically.”

CDL logoMIRCaM will fit into a small hospital setup where it can be used as powerful screening tool to detect and analyze early stage cardiac conditions. The MIRCaM comprises of a Bodyworn – a small and light-weight device convenient to wear, comprising of multiple electrodes for picking up the ECG signal from the patient. The design of the ECG cables and buttons are very thin and light making it comfortable for long-term patient wear. The Bodyworn enables very effective ECG recording in ambulatory mode. Yet another component is the Base Unit which is a powerful processing unit that receives data from the Bodyworn via bluetooth. The Base unit can store ECG and has the required algorithms and expert systems to analyse the received data, thereby detecting cardiac conditions.The base unit negotiates with the back-end system to provide effective telemetric capabilities for upload as well as real time live monitoring.

The leads of the Bodyworn are fitted to the chest of the patient to record an ECG. MIRCaM with its intelligent algorithm can detect a wide range of Arrhythmias and also perform ST segment analysis and catch early stages of Ischemia and Infarctions. Further there is the cloud- the device detected episodes are uploaded into a secure and reliable server with high-speed connectivity.The terminals (webpage and apps) will have instant secure user-based access to the data in the cloud. The server performs the function of storing episodes, events and periodic samples.

mircam2Meanwhile the MIRCaM application can be run on any tablet (Android or Windows). It enables the user (Medical expert or technician) to log in securely and seamlessly connect to a diagnosis and monitor the patient live, browse events, episodes and generate reports remotely. It can be used as a dashboard for routing all alerts that come in from different locations.The reach to the diagnosis and episodes on the cloud can also be done using a standard browser on the PC(Mac, Windows, or Linux). It provides the same functionality as the tablet. However, the Apps on smartphones is an easy access tool to receive notifications for the cardiologist to review an episode and clear an emergency.

The best part of MIRCaM is that it does not need specialized expertise to handle. Audible alerts are triggered each time an episode is detected. Alert can also be configured to be triggered remotely on smart phone or tablets.



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