Three Wheels United correcting the autorickshaw scenario

We have all complained about auto wallas at some point in time, but rarely do we consider the myriad factors that contribute to the sorry state of affairs plaguing India’s autorickshaw sector.Stef van Dongen and Ramesh Prabhu, founders of Three Wheels United, have done that and more; they have taken the time …

READ MORE → one stop for office supply

Those who sell office supplies to India’s professionals have rarely behaved in a very professional manner, but as online vendors increase their presence Grandpa’s stationary shop may finally be forced to shape up or ship out. Recognizing the fact that India Inc. desperately lacks decent office supply vendors, Arvind Sivdas and …

Was Minority Report a glimpse of the future?

Smart cities to benefit cunning oligarchs?

When browsing for today’s hot topics one can easily find talk of smart cities tossed about with other buzz words like “urbanization” or “climate,” and most of the reading public are surely able to grasp the concept enough to know that digital technology and enhanced communications play a major role …

Gaurav Aggarwal, Founder and CEO of Savaari Car Rentals

Change in travel scenario with Savaari Car Rentals

Every cloud has a silver lining. We’ve all heard that age old pearl of wisdom, but it rang true for Gaurav Aggarwal, Founder and CEO of Savaari Car Rentals. After enduring one of those gruelling transport misadventures for which India has gained notoriety, Aggarwal was prompted to become an agent of …


Shaadi-e-Khas is the futuristic approach to wedding planning.

The Indian wedding is often an ostentatious affair where, in haste to display their wealth, some people are quick to forget the value of a rupee. With the economic boom of the past decade, India’s wedding industry has been on a bull run and isn’t slowing down any time soon. …

Rated Apartments

Planning a trip – check out for

Trip planning just got a little easier for those globe trotters who favour upscale apartments over hotels, thanks to was designed to help such travelers make informed decisions about short term apartment rentals, while connecting them to accommodation providers. The website is not unlike those offering hotels and …


Indian trio launches AbsolutData, providing research solutions to businesses

Brought together in 2000 through that ancient social networking platform called human relationships; Suhale Kapoor, Sudeshna Dutta and Anil Kaul were introduced to each other through common friends. One thing led to another and the trio discovered a shiny opportunity lying amid the dot com wreckage. Though the bust had …

8K Miles

8Kmiles is the newest in cloud computing

In the star studded galaxy of Indian IT exporters like TCS, Infosys, Wipro and others, there is one startup company that plans to carve out a niche for itself. But unlike its heavyweight counterparts that rode on the first wave of outsourcing powered by demand from Y2K related services in …

Unitek Software

Unitek brings about a revolution for innovative teaching and learning process for schools and individual students, fitting for 21st century

INTERVIEW: Change is the only thing constant and this holds true for the education system as well. Gone are the days when teaching and learning used to be confined to the four walls of a closed room where only the teachers used to do the talking and children were just …