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Correct those refractive errors with Orthokeratology

Orthokeratology also referred as Ortho-K has been the newest revolutionary non-surgical procedure that eliminates the need of glasses and helps those who do not prefer to wear contact lenses during the day. Orthokeratology is mainly used to correct and reduce the refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia and also astigmatism.

How does the Ortho-K technology work? This is a overnight treatment process, wherein the patients needs to put on these specially customized Ortho-K lenses during the bed time and when they are awake they will have clear sharp and natural vision. This technology is an effective treatment for correcting near sightedness and this is a great alternative for Lasik for those who do not want to take risk and undergo surgery. Since Ortho-K lenses are worn when the eyes are closed for sleep, so there is no blinking and therefore generally no residual feeling of the lens after the adaptation period.

It can be noted that use of Ortho-K lenses have shown to slow the progress of myopia (myopia is the leading cause of poor vision among children and can also lead to sight threatening condition like retinal detachment and glaucoma). Various studies conducted across the globe have shown that children wearing Ortho-K lenses experience little to no myopic progression during the treatment. Speaking to Techspirit Dr Navin Kumar, Ophthalmologist, Kashvi Eye Care Centre, Bengaluru said: “This Ortho-K lenses is a new technique which is FDA approved. It improves the vision by gently reshaping and correcting the eyes while one sleeps. It’s specially designed and customized therapeutic contact lenses and are currently available are very few centers in India.”

Meanwhile, those using the Ortho-K lenses need to wear them regularly so that the corrected corneal shape is preserved and maintained. Usually they are worn only for part of the day generally when asleep at night, while some users may only need to use them one night out of every two or three nights.


Who can use Ortho-K?

Those who are unable to wear contact lenses due to allergies.

Those suffering from dry eyes and are unable to use contact lens.

Those who would like to enjoy sports, workouts, hike or swim without wearing glasses or day time contact lenses.

Those who have a job that requires excellent vision without contacts or glasses.

Those who dislike wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Those children whose eyes are getting worse every year.



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