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Datawrkz Going Strong in the Digital Market Space

Incorporated in the year 2013, Datawrkz, an advertisement technology provider for publishers, agencies and brands is all set to tap the Digital Market Space and drive the future of the industry. Datawrkz, which assumed its operations in January 2014 with its headquarter in Singapore and a branch office in Bengaluru has two key products – Vizibl, which is focused towards mid-sized agencies, brands and media buyers, and lvlUP, which is an exclusive platform for mid-sized publishers – in addition to being one of the largest Independent Trading Desks in Asia.

Datawrkz’s business model revolves around facilitating programmatic buying and selling of ad impressions. It helps websites monetize the traffic that visits their page and also works with advertisers and agencies to help them achieve their marketing goals by driving brand awareness, traffic to their website, or direct revenue related goals.


Senthil Govindan, CEO, Datawrkz

Datawrkz was conceptualized by two industry veterans – Senthil Govindan, the CEO and Anand Prakash, the COO of the company – who were motivated by addressing inefficiencies in the online advertising space. They realized that there is a systematic way of optimizing revenues across the board. They started by establishing in-house techniques for data analysis and translation into results, and are now in the process of automating these techniques through the products Datawrkz offers the market. Along the way, they realized the issues of scale that smaller clients face in getting access to the tools that their larger counterparts can easily tap. They are attempting to level the playing field for mid-size advertisers and publishers through Vizibl and lvlUP.

Ever since its inception, Datawrkz has consistently achieved rapid growth. Tracking its progress on two key metrics – headcount and revenue – it has seen over 10% month-on-month growth and has gone from a headcount of 3 to 30 within 15 months. Besides its focus on Indian publishers, the company is also actively working on the international market and has planned an aggressive growth path in South East Asia and the US. Datawrkz has recently put together a sales team across Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and New York, and has plans to expand into China, Latin America and other parts of the US by 1H 2016.

datawrkzDatawrkz is a bootstrapped, profitable, cash flow positive startup. Given the trajectory and profitability thus far, there are no near-term plans to raise external funding. Based on market acceptance of the products that have been launched and are being planned for the future, the company might selectively bring on external investors who can help expand Datawrkz’s footprint and provide strategic advice about the markets Datawrkz is interested in.

The digital market space is expected to be worth more than $100 billion by 2020 and Datawrkz is strongly positioned to tap this market and drive the future of the industry. Online video ad revenue is expected to reach nearly $5 billion in 2016 and the company aspires to be a forerunner in this domain through a video platform that Datawrkz is currently working on.

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