Datawrkz launches Vizibl for programmatic advertising

Datawrkz, India’s fastest growing advertising technology provider, has announced the launch of its product Vizibl, a platform aimed at making programmatic advertising accessible to agencies and brands of all sizes. Vizibl, a Pay-As-You-Go Demand Side Platform, caters to the requirements of small and mid-sized organizations by leveraging best-in-class competitive technology to drive large-scale online advertising campaigns.

Founded by Senthil Govindan, CEO and Anand Prakash, COO, Datawrkz is focused on identifying specific audiences in real time through their analytics prowess. The company works with advertisers and agencies to help achieve their online advertising goals. Their latest product, Vizibl, is exclusively designed to cater to the mid-market advertiser segment.

“Mid and small size advertisers today find it difficult to compete in a global marketplace where larger players have more clout,” says Senthil Govindan, CEO Datawrkz. “Vizibl makes programmatic advertising democratic and accessible to agencies and brands of all sizes. They get complete control and transparencies over their campaigns with no commitment towards a minimum monthly spend.”

Programmatic buying is a powerful tool for advertisers because it automates processes and does not require upfront costs or minimum spend per publisher. Advertisers can define their own budget, goals, and attribution model. In parallel, Vizibl adjusts multiple variables in real time based on performance to determine the right campaign settings to achieve the desired ROI.

“Vizibl’s biggest advantage is that it provides advertisers access to the largest programmatic exchanges in the world no matter what their ad budget. Over time, we intend to make tools such as contextual targeting, fraud detection and dynamic creative optimization available through Vizibl in order to ensure that clients are able to access the same kind of full ad technology stack available to large agencies and clients” adds Anand Prakash, COO, Datawrkz.

(Source: Press release)


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