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Dermapen, a technology for skin rejuvenation

Having a clear beautiful skin is a dream for every female, and many are not blessed to have it. Of the many treatment facilities available to get a clean pleasant looking skin one can resort to Dermapen, a new technology available in skin rejuvenation.

Dermapen technology is a simple mechanical device based on fine needle penetration delivering the same benefits like that of laser. It makes use of needles to vertically rejuvenate the skin. As it glides across the skin’s surface, natural collagen production is stimulated encouraging normalized deposition. This provides an effect similar to fractional laser treatments without the downtime. Depending on the depth of the needle penetration, the Dermapen can offer skin rejuvenation levels from the simple enhancement of product absorption to the clinical treatment of scars and wrinkles. From very superficial penetration to deep dermal penetration, the Dermapen applications have been used to correct skin problems without the use of lasers.

Currently Dermapen is being used for treatment of wrinkles, improving skin texture, acne and scars, skin tightening, pigmentation and also stretch marks. Dermapen is primarily used for treatment on the face, however skin needling can be used successfully in any area of the body. Dermapen uses multiple needles that vertically pierce the skin. This enhances rejuvenation results. The automatic vibrating function of the Dermapen increases the effectiveness of treatment by increasing absorption of products, while reducing pain and discomfort. Yet another benefit of the Dermapen is the cost factor. It is priced reasonable as compared to other alternative treatments like the laser and chemical peels.

Providing her expertise, Dr. Mukta Sachdev, Dermatologist, Manipal Hospitals, Begnaluru said: “Dermapen uses a micro needling technique and is very helpful especially for treatment of acne and scars. The procedure is little painful, hence it is generally used under local anesthesia. When done correctly the results of the procedure using Dermapen is very effective. 30-40% of the scar is done away in just 6-8 sessions. This technology is in use for quite sometime now in India and for better results Dermapen is being used along with laser technique.”

Meanwhile Dr Zainab Abubaker, Cosmetologist, Dento-Facial Aesthetic Centre, Bengaluru says: “Dermapen is very effective especially for treatment of anti-ageing, anti-scar, wrinkle, skin smoothening and rejuvenation. At our centre the Dermapen technology is being used for over a year now and the results are very good. Generally five-six sessions of about 15 minutes each is carried under local topical anesthesia for treatment but if the scars are older it takes more time. Young people in the age group of 20-30 years seeking treatment for acne scars are among the major lot taking up Dermapen treatment.”

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Luna Dewan

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    I am suffering with large acne scars.Due to this my face looks very ugly.I want to remove these pores with derma pen treatment.Please give the information about Acne scar treatment and its cost

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