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Centre for Well Being forms group for technology users

Five minutes without an internet connection and there you are, feeling lost and out of the world. The world of internet has changed your entire being. However, on the contrary a lot of misuse and overuse of it has been creating trouble not just among the users but also their family. With the rising number of such cases coming in of late, Bangalore based NIMHANS (National Institute of mental Health and Neurosciences) Centre for Well Being has come up with a group for technology users.

The group comprises of information technology users who have concerns related to the usages of information technology, feel difficulty in controlling the period of usage and experiencing consequences in academic, interpersonal relationship, losing out interest in hobbies, irritability and physical problems(eye strain ,pain and sleep disturbance due to online activities) . The users will meet at NIMHANS centre for well being to discuss the ways of developing the healthy use of technology on last Saturday of every month.

Through this initiative we are trying to help them understand others’ perspective as well as develop coping behavior through group learning. These types of group have been successful with alcohol users. At the Shut Clinic,NIMHANS Center of Well Being, every user coming to us have similar problem and also the parents who come to us seeking for consultation for their children give similar explanation. Children are having a fall in their academic reports, losing out their hobby due to excessive spending of time over the technology as they are hooked to the internet most of the time” said Dr Manoj Kumar Sharma, Associate Professor,Department of Clinical Psychology NIMHANS.

Who can join this group? Users of information technology (internet, mobile, social networking sites, texting, video game ,pornographic ,shopping and gambling), parents with their children having problem – degrading academic records, losing out their hobby due to excessive spending of time over the internet. So what are the benefits of joining the group? It will help in generating awareness about the pattern of usages of information technology, assessment related to factors associated with excessive to addictive use of technology, other concern related to initiation and barriers for healthy use of technology, assistance in the form of learning and coping behaviours for promotion of healthy use of available technology.

Parents or even the victim could check out for simple signs that they are being addicted to usage of technology and need to keep a control. Such simple signals could be – craving or continuous desire to engage in these behaviors, not able to reduce its usage, if it becomes a compulsion that they have to use the information technology as a consequence affecting their physical or psychological routine. “The group is aimed at replacing technology usage with healthy activities. To start with, counselors at the Centre will be spending some time in understanding the case and then will be working on the victim’s hobbies to decrease time on the internet. This will be followed by building up coping skills” further added Dr Manoj.

The group is conducted on last Saturday of every month from 3.00 pm-4.30 pm at NIMHANS Centre for Well Being, BTM Layout, Bangalore. For details can contact: 080 26685948/ 9480829670 / Email–,

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