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DoCom and Pathworks To Bridge Miscommunication Gap in Healthcare Space

Attune Technologies has been selected by Techspirit  as the most promising company to provide innovative solutions to hospitals and labs. Its success rate can be defined with its ability to get over 200 clients in a span of just half a decade and cruising beyond Indian shores, it has also entered into the markets of Indonesia, Bali and Dubai today.


A doctor’s day is busy, packed with consultations, in-patient visits during rounds, diagnostic, interventional and surgical procedures and handling numerous calls each day. However, several times, there are instances of miscommunications, incomplete information and delays in the delivery of critical information in a timely manner. In a bid to resolve these issues Attune Technologies has come up with two apps -DoCom and PathWorks. The apps are part of their continuing efforts to address this serious existing gap in communication and collaboration in the healthcare space.

With DoCom’ and ‘PathWorks’, Attune Technologies aims to change the way doctors and hospital staff interact and collaborate, potentially help save lives. Speaking on the occasion, Arvind Kumar, Founder and CEO of Attune Technologies said, “DoCoM and PathWorks are tools designed by doctors for doctors to offer seamless communication and notification that is created based around the doctor’s schedule”. He further added, “With the DoCoM app, it is now possible for hospitals to share images like X ray, ECG, Clinical pictures (like a skin rash) and videos (like an angiogram) with a closed group of doctors. The app is designed to cater to most of the routine yet time consuming communications such as discharge, lab report, minor clinical problems and case sheet requirements to help hospital staff move faster.”

The PathWorks app on the other hand empowers the doctors to view lab report results, see previous reports and authorize on the go from their handheld device. These apps are expected to be adapted by hospitals, labs and doctors across the world paving the way for a new era in communication between professionals in healthcare ecosystem resulting in better patient outcomes.

Dr. Anand Gnanaraj, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Attune further added, “While the existing messaging platforms make collaborations easier, they are neither secure, nor designed for medical applications – which means, the doctor has to spend time typing out all the instructions clearly and later track them to see if they were followed through. This is compounded by the inability of the doctor to keep track of everyone’s phone number. The intuitive user interface of DoCom and PathWorks apps help doctors take quick decisions and stay in touch with hospital staff 24×7 breaking geographic barriers. The other challenge with discussing patient data in a platform is maintaining the sanctity of patient confidentiality which is addressed by these apps from Attune.”

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