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EDC Creative Technology Solutions redefines the Museum Experience

“Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I’ll remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.” A wise piece of advice from the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius that EDC Creative Technology Solutions India has put into practice – in the interactive design of Experience Centers and Museums, that entertain as they educate. In the last decade, Museums and Experience Centers have transformed their role from restricted high-class mausoleums to popular local/tourist attractions, seeking Interactive Communication Technologies (ICT) to create innovative edutainment and infotainment experiences for visitors that are unique, interactive-n-immersive.

Creating these interactive spaces and exhibits demand perfect amalgamation of art and science, fusing technology with creativity to deliver first of its kind visitor experiences, which involve, enthrall and teach 8 to 80 year olds. From a slice of history, to science discovery, an interpretation of complex concepts – interaction fuses with discovery and learning to create this new experiential paradigm for the visitor that is redefining the conventional museum experience.


Mr. Sasi Kumar Radhakrishnan, Director – Business Development, EDC Creative Technology Solutions Private Limited.

Understanding visitor behavior within a museum is a very challenging task. Understanding why these same visitors go to the museum in the first place and what lasting impressions, if any, they take away with them is an even more daunting task. An approach to tackling this problem, which allows us to view the museum experience from a visitor’s perspective, conceptualizes the museum visit as an interactive journey of learning and fun.

Museums in India are exploring digital and mobile technologies to enhance visitor experience. Initiatives go beyond technology within exhibits and installations, but also include more pervasive uses of tech to create interactive experiences for visitors throughout a museum, as well as remote experiences for those who cannot get there. EDC’s innovative interactive-n-immersive experiences are crafted with technologies like holographic projections, large format screens, gesture walls, multi-touch surface tables, LPD video walls, augmented reality, touch screens and a wealth of custom-developed rich content and programmed interactive activities/content.

EDC spearheads creative technology solutions – crafting State of-the-art concepts, innovative and immersive user experiences with 4th generation technologies and interactive content for museums, interpretation & experience centre’s. Since 2000, EDC has been a game changer – designing solutions that fuse interactive technologies and immersive design experiences, delivering a fusion of art, science and technology for the visitor.

Among other, EDC have designed and developed India’s first experiential spaces and interactive museums – Coffee Yatra (for Coffee Board at Chickmagalur), Biotechnology Gallery (Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bengaluru), Electrodrome (Electricity museum and Science City,  Gujarat), Tau Museum (Dedicated to Shri. Devilal at Sirsa), Sardar Patel Museum (Gujarat), NIMHANS Heritage Centre and many others are on the anvil.

The writer is Mr. Sasi Kumar Radhakrishnan, Director – Business Development, EDC Creative Technology Solutions Private Limited.


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