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eKincare One Stop Destination for all your Healthcare Needs

Be it digitization of your medical history and early detection of health risks based on strong technology driven data analytics to providing a personalized health plan, eKincare, helps you lead a smarter way to your healthier future. Hyderabad-based eKincare is India’s fastest growing healthcare technology company that aims to be one stop destination for all your healthcare needs.

It was launched in Oct’ 2014 by Kiran Kalakuntla (Founder & CEO), a Duke University graduate and AT&T alumni with over decade experience in bringing complex technologies to market and Dinesh Koka (Co-founder & COO), an IIM graduate with 14 years’ experience in managing health care IT business and sales.

eKincare started out of Kiran’s personal frustrating experience of not having enough visibility into how his parents were doing back in India, while he was in Seattle. Merely asking parents daily about how they were doing over the phone didn’t cut it. As his parents couldn’t communicate the medical jargon, and he became even more frustrated when his dad had to undergo a surgery and he couldn’t make a meaningful contribution in the overall decision. That’s when he started to embark on this journey where he wanted to build Google analytics kind of a platform for NRIs. But on further research he found such a platform would be valid even for local audiences and domestic migrants. Hence, eKincare platform was born.

The major focus of eKincare is on personalized, preventive and predictive healthcare. It tracks users’ family history, medical details and then enables them to assess, track and stay informed about the developments with regards to their health conditions.

It manages information from various healthcare service providers, updates the profiles, and provides a platform to view them. It then identifies potential health risks and informs the users, and motivates them to take necessary steps towards improving their health. eKincare has tied up with some of the largest service providers in the country and currently has a presence across 2000 locations in the country.


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