Ericsson President/CEO Hans Vestberg: “Innovation drives transformation”

Yesterday, Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) President and CEO Hans Vestberg spoke at Ericsson Connect, the company’s technology event in India. He highlighted Ericsson’s focus on innovation and its commitment to driving and capturing the transformation that the development and implementation of ICT brings.


Hans Vestberg

Vestberg pointed out, “ICT is transforming our society and having a fundamental effect on all sectors. At Ericsson, we have always been committed to innovation. Now we are leveraging the transformational power of mobility, broadband and the cloud, to realize the Networked Society.”

No matter what business or service an organization delivers today, digitalization is required to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction. Ericsson says it continues to focus its R&D on developing leadership positions beyond mobile networks to include IP networks, cloud, OSS/BSS, TV/Media, and Industry/Society.

Vestberg went on to say, “Strengthening our position as a leading software company, as well as establishing early leadership in the standardization and realization of the next generation of mobile networks, or 5G, are key factors for success.”

Earlier in 2015, Ericsson carried out a demonstration of pre-standard 5G radio technology, delivering speeds of 5Gbps using 15GHz spectrum.

With the high pace of innovation in the device and application industry, not to mention high cost of devices and mobile tariffs, users expect value for money in terms of coverage and demand the capability to use applications anywhere and anytime. This puts more demand on the network, since more standards, frequency bands and different layers of coverage and capacity solutions are required. A multi-standard, multi-band and multi-layer approach is therefore a key component in enabling growth.

At Ericsson Connect, the company announced the introduction of its new Ericsson Radio System to the Indian market. Ericsson says the radio system is a new approach to building radio networks on the road to 5G, with multi-standard, multi-band and multi-layer technology. The company says it delivers the industry’s most energy-efficient and compact radio solution, while maintaining performance leadership at half the size and weight of previous solutions.

The company says the Ericsson Radio System reduces site acquisition issues and delivers three times the capacity density with a 50% improvement in energy efficiency. The system is expected to give network operators the infrastructure they need to support growing mobile data needs, which are predicted to reach 25 exabytes per month globally by 2020, when 5G is expected to be commercialized.

According to the company, with the Ericsson Radio System the total cost of ownership will be reduced by 20%.

Ericsson also announced the upgrade of the existing Ericsson Cloud System by introducing Ericsson HDS 8000 (Hyperscale Datacenter System) to the Indian market. Ericsson says its HDS 8000 is a new generation of hyperscale datacenter system that uses Intel® Rack Scale Architecture for a disaggregated hardware approach that the company says improves efficiency, utilization, automation and ownership costs.

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