F-Secure unveils latest version of Freedome

F-Secure (NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd.) said that it is taking its fight for digital freedom to another level by releasing the latest version of its Freedome privacy protection application. Its new version, called Freedome for Mac, was preannounced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on March 1st. This summer, the latest Freedome offering is set to bring the popular VPN to users of Apple’s OS X software.

F-Secure, founded in 1988, is an online security and privacy company from Finland. The company says it fights for digital freedom while offering millions of people around the globe the power to surf invisibly and to store and share content safely.

While the Internet offers a wealth of content and services to people around the world, the ever growing intrusion of digital surveillance wrongfully prevents people from enjoying this wealth. A recent study conducted by by the GfK research firm revealed that 88% of those polled were worried about the privacy of their personal data, while 48% said they avoid using certain digital services because of this problem.

Samu Konttinen

Samu Konttinen

Samu Konttinen, Executive Vice President of Consumer Security at F-Secure said, “People are being forced to give up more and more of their personal data in order to access many of the services offered online. People might be more aware of this today than they have been in the past, but they’re still concerned because they’re constantly required to sacrifice control over their privacy if they want to enjoy their online experience.”

F-Secure describes Freedome as a user-friendly Virtual Private Network (VPN) that helps people protect themselves against unethical, and often unconstitutional, digital surveillance. The company says that by providing users a one-button tool to identify malware, disable unauthorized tracking and change their virtual location in order to access their favorite content while browsing, they can surf freely without compromising their privacy or leaving digital footprints. Freedome is presently available for Android, iOS and Windows PC users, but Freedome for Mac will be extended to include devices running Apple’s OS X.

Konttinen says he expects the new offering to become popular with users, based on the positive reception its interface has received on other platforms. He added, “Freedome’s one-button interface gives users a simple tool to help them enjoy being online. It’s an elegant solution that addresses people’s privacy concerns, and we’re now happy to offer Freedome’s premium online experience to more users.”

F-Secure’s technology has won AV-TEST’s Best Protection award for the past four years. At this time, the Windows PC, iOS and Android versions of Freedome are available for a free 14-day trial download from F-Secure’s website. The Freedome for Mac, which was unveiled at F-Secure’s MobileFocus Global event at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on March 1, will be rolled out during the second quarter of 2015.

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