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Femto-Lasik- the new technology for people who cannot see without glasses

As technology advances so are the modes of treatments undergoing a sea change. For those suffering from ophthalmic problems they now have various options. One among the new technology that has recently come up for people who cannot see without glasses or contacts is the Femto-Lasik.

Femto-Lasik is the most recent ocular laser technology intended to treat your sight problems. Laser eye surgery started first on the surface of the cornea, and thereafter went deeper via a flap made in the cornea. In this older technique, the flap would be made by hand, with a scalpel. With Femto-Lasik laser eye surgery, the flap in the cornea is made with the newest type of laser called the Femto-Second. This new technique is believed to be much safer procedure and there are fewer risks of complications during the procedure and the flaps are much thinner. This offers a better chance of greater stability to the cornea over time.
The new Femto-Lasik laser operates on the principle of photo-disruption. Using the infra red laser energy the surgeon creates a precise pattern of small, overlapping spaces just under the surface of the cornea. The laser works at extremely fast speeds-pulses of 1 quadrillionth of a second or 1 femto-second. These precision guided pulses of laser light break down the corneal tissue at the molecular level each femtosecond, without generating heat or interfering with surrounding tissue. When the laser moves over the eye, it incises a completed flap in the cornea. Once this flap has been created, the surgeon can tilt it up with a specially designed surgical tool and corrects the eye problems.
With the Femto-Lasik, the corneal flap is so thin and so cleanly incised that no side effects generally result. With thin flaps more tissue-bed is left over. This offers a greater guarantee of the stability of the cornea over the long term and makes it possible to correct a wider range of vision impairment. With the Femto-Lasik laser less pressure is put on the eye during surgery, and this means more comfort for the patient.
This new revolutionary technology of Femto-Lasik is helpful especially for those above 40 years who are dependent on glasses for reading or to see both distance and near objects clearly without glasses.

Advantages of Femto-Lasik procedure:
Significantly reduced risk of problems with the corneal flap.
Greater safety.
Reduced risk of inflammation or infection.
Larger treatment surface with better stability.
Less need for repeat treatment.
Better predictability to flap thickness.
Recovery is faster and you can begin to see properly again sooner.



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Luna Dewan

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