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Filling up the healthcare gap

Being in medical field for the last eight years and coming from a business family had always kindled a question in my mind as to how health care gap in our country can be filled. (Less than 3% of our GDP is spent on this sector). Second, I have been actively involved in the functioning of a family run pathology lab in Mumbai.

All this made me come up with a venture whose basic idea is to systematize the Rs 1600cr path lab market, which is currently plagued with lack of price transparency. For this purpose we have formed an interface between various pathology labs and patients in the form of a web portal called and call to order telephone service.

Our idea and concept is based on the fact that we want to collect blood samples from the patients place and send it to the lab where they want it to analyzed. So the name comes from pathdoor (PATHology services at DOORsteps). Being a doctor, I use to see the practical problems being faced by patients in every day testing and realized that there was a gap in terms of transparency in the pathology laboratory market in India. Thus along with Niharika Goel, my wife and my MBBS college junior Dr Kunal Patil, devised a solution to organise the path lab market in terms of increasing all round convenience for patients, providing a platform for rate comparison of tests between various path labs in their area, giving the best monetary rates possible for those tests and importantly collecting samples from their place. The solution in its element is in the form of this web portal (

There are few diagnostic centers who have online existence and display their information but most diagnostic centers lack the online presence. As such there is no portal, which displays information all the laboratories in terms of the test they do, their rates, whether they have home collection facility, and what is the rate of that facility, whether they are accredited and basic precautions to be carried out during the test procedure. Our company tries to solve these questions by helping patients know each and every detail about the test. Our company headquarter is at Mumbai but we are primarily working from Bangalore and have started our venture in three cities Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.

We want have our own technicians to collect the blood samples from patient’s place at the best possible prices. Even if a patient who is at one corner of the city wants to send his blood sample at the other corner we should be able to do it. We want to further develop our concept of single prick multiple lab testing concept where a patient from just a single prick by our technician can send his blood sample to be tested at multiple labs and get the best price.

The writer is Dr.Ketan Jhunjhunwala, Co-founder,

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