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Tata Communications and Cloud

According to Gartner’s 2015 Hype cycle for emerging technologies, the increased focus on digital marketing has resulted in the emergence of the Nexus of Forces (mobile, social, cloud and information). It is predicted that by 2019, global data centre traffic will reach 10.4 zettabytes per year, 83 per cent of which will come from cloud. In 2016, recognizing the increasing competition ,providers will innovate services, and offer integrated, cost-effective solutions for businesses across industries.

Tata Communications

Mr. Srinivasan CR, Global Head, Data Centre Services and CDN Business, Tata Communications.

The coming year will bring more applications to the cloud than ever before. Developers are looking at building applications specifically for the cloud, with desktop applications taking a back seat. More developers will be focusing their talents on cloud based services in the coming months which will give CIOs visibility and control across their data centre estates, ultimately increasing speed-to-market, while enabling innovation, automation of IT and access to global markets.

Acknowledging internet as an integral part of businesses, Tata Communications launched its IZO Private Cloud service recently. IZO Private Cloud manages multiple workloads and compute environments and is the latest addition to Tata Communications’ game-changing IZO cloud enablement platform. As business move their workloads out to the cloud, it changes the dynamics of the applications and the data flows. The orchestration ability built within IZO Private Cloud acknowledges that the transition between dedicated/private cloud/public cloud is challenging -not only for moving workloads, but also the way the data flows are managed. Tata communications has taken a proactive approach to manage this with the launch of IZO Private Cloud, along with the entire IZO cloud enablement platform.

Additionally, the service empowers enterprises to connect to the world’s biggest clouds, and to build a truly hybrid, high-performance IT infrastructure, where different cloud, colocation and managed hosting environments work together as one. Hybrid cloud solutions have made great gains throughout 2014 and 2015, and this growth is expected to continue throughout 2016. Supported by Tata Communications’ leading Tier 1 global network infrastructure, the IZO platform delivers the most comprehensive cloud enablement platform available today – enabling enterprises to connect and build their cloud, their way – be it private, public or hybrid.

The writer is Mr. Srinivasan CR, Global Head, Data Centre Services and CDN Business, Tata Communications.

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