Gadgets draw fans at Comic Con 2015

Marvelous merchandising venue

Marvelous merchandising venue

The Bangalore Comic Con 2015, held at the White Orchid Convention Center last weekend, started with less “BANG!” and “POW!” than one would have hoped for. Perhaps one reason for the unenthusiastic response is what appears to be the event’s shift in priorities, as it has been reduced from a celebration of comic art to a mere merchandising platform. While disillusioned comic fans feel the Rs. 350/- ticket was a waste of money, shopaholics would have found their thrill, especially when surveying the technology on display as savvy gadget vendors made good use of the venue.

To be fair, some of the tech merchandise on display was pretty cool, and certainly not irrelevant to the comic art sector. One very useful item in particular that would likely appeal to artists is the Huion 610 Pro graphic drawing tablet from Shenzhen Huion Animation Technology Co., LTD.

Huion 610 Pro

Huion 610 Pro

The active area of the tablet is a comfy 10”x6.25” and users can enjoy a personalized creative experience with the customized 8 physical express keys and 16 hot cells situated at the top. Additionally, the device is southpaw friendly, as the digital pen can be customized for both the left and right hands. The tablet’s usefulness is not limited to animation and graphic design, as it can also be used in other verticals, including industrial design, architecture, engineering, education and training. The Huion 610 Pro is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Comic Studio, 3D MAX, MAYA, Corel Painter, Infinite Stratos, Autodesk and Pixologic Zbrush. However, one very disappointing aspect of the device is that it appears to be incompatible with Linux and Ubuntu, as the system requirements mentioned only cover Windows and Mac.

EZ3's offerings

EZ3’s offerings

Items created with EZ3 India's 3D printer

Items created with EZ3 India’s 3D printer

Another item geared for the creative lot was an interesting piece of homegrown tech from a small Bangalore enterprise called EZ3 India. The fledgling company, started in December 2014, indigenously develops and manufactures 3D printers for the local market.  At this time the company’s products include the smaller EZ Alpha for personal/home use, the EZ Cube 300, which the company says strikes the right balance between size and performance, and the industrial grade EZ Builder 500, which the company says is the ultimate solution to any prototyping need.

Portronics, hawking products that ensure hours of fun and convenience for artists and fans alike, showcased their wares as well. The company’s Comic Con booth featured trendy headphones, USB drives and Bluetooth speakers embellished with Marvel comic characters.

Portronics @ Comic Con

Portronics @ Comic Con

Marvel merchandise aside, the company offers an array of wireless and portable peripherals including, but not limited to, digital pens, portable scanners, sound systems, both standard and power bank chargers, USB hubs and fitness devices such as pedometers and cordless, digital jump ropes. Portronics has recently added a 500 GB external hard disk, HDMI cables and the Pandora HDMI dongle to its product line.

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