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Get 24/7 access to super specialist with Philips’ IntelliSpace Consultative Critical Care

Getting the best in terms of critical care is still one of the major healthcare challenges in smaller cities and towns across India. In a bid to address these issues Philips Innovation Campus Bengaluru has conceived and developed IntelliSpace Consultative Critical Care (ICCC), a tele monitoring solution providing 24/7 access to super specialist.

Using the ICCC, patients can be monitored by Critical Care experts from miles away, without having to move to a bigger city. It enables the ICUs of several remote hospitals to be connected to a big specialist ICU care which has the best-in-class critical care specialists monitor and review patient remotely through online data from connected patient monitors and real-time video images of patient conditions. The system has been operational since 2013 and the latest version of ICCC is launching soon.

About the working of the system- Firstly it consists of a set of monitors and cameras that relay the patients vital signs and physical condition from the ICU to a monitoring station in the city. So at any given point of time the Intensivist sitting in one of the major hospital say in Bengaluru can see the patient in tier two cities and can also monitor his key signs. At any point the intensivists can send instructions to the on duty physicians in the ICU to give the medication or to intervene as the patients conditions require.

Meanwhile, the application has to be hosted on a data center and the connectivity to the monitoring station is possible through ASDL or 3 G. The records can be shared between both hospitals through the System as long as the hospital systems are HL 7 compliant.

The solution was co-created with customers and validated stringently by clinical experts to ensure regulatory compliance. ICCC extends beyond the command centre to reach the mobile devices of intensivists who are on the move, enabling them to stay connected with patients at all times.

Benefits of ICCC:
Access to qualified experts and facilities from Tier I metro cities.
Ability to deliver the same level of care to Tier 1 and Tier 2 hospitals and providing consistent practice standards of critical care medicine.
Meaningful alerts and dashboards that make it convenient for intensivists at the command center to act quickly on critical patients.
Cost-effective technological transformation.
Helps in reducing mortality rate.


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Luna Dewan

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