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With the coming up of Internet of Things (IoT) security in terms of data management and visualization has been a cause of concern. Addressing these issues in the best possible way Mr Santosh Pillai has come up with 2020 Imaging, a technology platform company that enables governments and businesses to take proactive actions by changing the way data is analyzed and visualized.

2020 Imaging has created radically new technologies for data visualization, video management and video analytics that are transforming the space of alert management. Tucked inside a quiet lane in the upscale Mumbai suburb of Hiranandani, Powai, 2020 imaging has steadily grown from being a young innovative company to a noted force in the market. Today, a full-fledged development team works out of India, but 2020 imaging has its roots in the UK when it was incubated in the University of Sussex for the development of a command and control framework that can help security agencies act on situations in quick time. The framework has now evolved into a complete visualization solution for exception-based alert handling of city and business operations that can bring together video, audio and textual data under one common view. Today, the 2020 platform is being adopted by Governments and Businesses for alert management, command and control, video analytics or simple video management.

2020Santosh, an engineer in Electronics from Mumbai University and has been a part of the collaboration team of IISC, Bangalore that drafted the Homeland Security proposal for India. He has 20+ years of experience in developing and taking products to the market in the Electronic Security domain. He had worked with Zicom in various capacities then with Schneider Electric before starting 2020 Imaging.

When asked about coming up with the idea of 2020 Imaging Mr. Santosh Pillai Director & CTO, 2020 Imaging said: “While incubating video analytics algorithms in the University of UK, Santosh interacted with a lot of security teams in public and private spaces. A common problem that they faced was long reaction time to situations. Santosh realized that just having devices to collect data and people to resolve situations can never address this problem sufficiently, and that there has to be an effective software layer in between that can integrate with intelligence all layers below and above. Thus was formed 2020 Imaging with a vision to create a ubiquitous technology platform for data visualization.”

Meanwhile, 2020 Imaging is also looking forward for expansion. Santosh said: “We are working with many of the big names in the infrastructure space, from ports and airports to energy and real estate for integrated alert management systems. We will also be expanding globally in a phased manner. We already are in discussions for a few opportunities in the Middle East. In five years, we would have established a global presence, from the US to the South East Asia and we would have completely disrupted the way people visualize, analyze and act on data, video in particular.”


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Luna Dewan

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