Get Business Card Organizer to Handle Bulk Business Cards

By Soumyalipa Das.

Technology is moving so fast, every other day we get to see a new device or gadget coming into the market. Another such innovative gadget in the market is a Business Card Organizer, but it’s not the traditional Rolodex. It’s a digital business card scanner and organizer that can hold upto 5,000 business cards.

In today’s business world, people make networks and along the way make new contacts. But keeping these cards with contact information can be a difficult task and if not organized properly it may get lost. This can be overcome by electronically scanning and organizing all those valuable connections at one place. This way it will be easy to retrieve the saved contacts later on.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is put one of your business cards inside the auto-feed slot and within six seconds it will scan it up and arrange your cards as per your needs, either alphabetically or chronologically and can be retrieved anytime. The LCD screen display is 3 ½ inches with 300 dpi images and can be password protected. The only disadvantage here is it cannot be accessed via cell phone or laptop or it would have been way easier to track the information.

The device is exclusively available with Hammacher Schlemmer at a price of $269.95. Now, there is no need to turn through numerous pages to find contact information in a book case and the added advantage is it will look really classy to have something like this on your desk.


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