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Get effective and quicker treatment with MiniMed Paradigm real-time insulin pump

The alarming rate at which the new cases of diabetes is rising is really a matter of concern. Prevention and self-care has been considered as the best method to combat diabetes. In the wake to help out ailing diabetics, Medtronic, a gobal leader in medical technology has come up with world class MiniMed Paradigm real-time insulin pump for conducting insulin pump therapy for managing diabetes.

With over 30 years of their experience, Medtronic came up with the idea as the existing devices were huge in size. This was practically impossible for the patients to carry, thus Medtronic took up the idea to create a small portable mobile sized MiniMed Paradigm real-time insulin pump device so that it can be carried anywhere without any complications.

Insulin Pump Therapy has become an alternative and effective therapy compared to multiple daily insulin injections for managing diabetics. An insulin pump is a small device almost equal to the size of small cell phone. A tiny tube called cannula is inserted under the skin to deliver appropriate amount of insulin. Insuin pump is worn externally and can be clipped to the belt, slipped into the pocket or can be hidden under the clothes. Insulin pump delivers insulin to the body in precise doses of rapid acting insulin.

How does this therapy differ from other mode of treatment procedure for diabetes?The MiniMed Paradigm real-time insulin pump provides a complete picture of glucose levels, which can lead to effective and quicker treatment decisions and better glucose control. The MiniMed Paradigm real time system integrates an external insulin pump with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). The system’s glucose sensor takes as many as 288 glucose readings per day, providing nearly 100 times more information than the readings provided by daily finger-stick method, in a non-invasive manner, allowing the patient’s glucose level monitoring unobtrusively. Daily doses of insulin injections are quite painful and turn off for the patients with diabetes, wherein the new technology of insulin pump activates itself and releases insulin to the body when required in small amounts. Insulin Pump Therapy is an alternative and effective therapy for diabetics.

Meanwhile, this insulin pump therapy have various benefits as they can be customized with flexible basal rate (Insulin is delivered to the body in small amounts for normal functioning of the body. This specific rate is determined by the healthcare professional) and bolus doses (Inorder to match the correct blood sugar level in the body, you can deliver additional insulin to the body on demand. This can be done easily as insulin pumps have bolus calculators which help you to calculate the bolus amount based on settings) to meet patient’s individual insulin requirements. Compared to multiple daily doses of insulin through pricks and pens, insulin pump therapy releases insulin to the body only when required. Moreover, this therapy is safe and painless.

The MiniMed Paradigm real-time insulin pump can be used by patients having type 1 or type 2 diabetes. In fact, the therapy is safe and painless thus, it is also recommended for children below 12 years of age where use of insulin injections is considered inappropriate.

How does an insulin pump work?

An insulin pump holds a reservoir with a two-to-three day supply of insulin, which is delivered through an infusion set – a tiny disposable tube and a soft cannula that is typically inserted under the skin in the abdominal area. Infusion sets are generally changed by the patient every 2-3 days. An insulin pump automatically delivers a constant rate of insulin – called a “basal rate”– to keep glucose levels in the desired range between meals and overnight. An insulin pump is easy to program and users can customize a variety of insulin delivery rates to match their individual lifestyle needs. With an insulin pump, needles are not required to deliver insulin. At the touch of a few buttons, patients can deliver extra insulin (called a “bolus”) to prevent excessive rises in glucose levels.

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