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Get laser cap and treat yourself for hair volume

Hair has been one of the most important treasures for any women. However, of recent hair loss and thinning has been a major complain and a cause of concern among most of the women and men too are not spared. Shed off your worries now, as treating your hair loss is now made easy, simple and quick with the help of laser cap. This laser cap makes it possible for women to give themselves a laser treatment at home, virtually any time and get sorted out of the hair volume problem.

Laser cap is a simple device that fits into almost any hat or cap. It is powered by small belt-clip rechargeable battery that can be charged normally with any standard wall outlet. The best part of treatment using laser cap is that it can be done at home. It is very easy to use requiring no extra effort and is completely portable. Once the laser cap is fully charged and is in place, you don’t have to do anything but wear it. The laser cap can be worn anywhere at home, in the car, while working at office, even while walking or jogging. The 224 lasers contained in the laser cap stimulate hair growth and has to be worn every other day for about one and half hour.

Meanwhile results after its use have shown that regular use of laser cap for about a period of 60 days have helped new hair to grow healthy and thicker. It has also shown to significantly slow and stop the progression of hair loss. The laser cap is as effective as using lower level laser light treatment procedure done clinically, and is more convenient as it is portable and can be done at home. It can also be noted that the laser cap can be used for people who have undergone hair transplant after consulting the treating expert.

When asked about the effectiveness of the technology, Ms Bani Anand, Founder Director, Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic told Techspirit: “Laser cap bio-stimulates the scalp with the light providing a healthy environment for the scalp and hair growth without affecting the brain. Currently it is available in many trichology houses across the country and since it is portable one can procure them and do it at home.”

Hairloss needs a holistic management and the laser cap is just one part of it. Before its usage it is recommended that one undergoes blood test, certain clinical examinations inorder to avoid any kind of side effect, she further added.

Highlights of laser cap:

  • Hands free, completely fits in almost any hat.
  • Get thicker, fuller, healthier hair if you have thin hair.
  • Convenient and discreet.
  • Use at home, while walking, driving or working at office.
  • Compatible with other hair loss therapies.


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Luna Dewan

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