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Get Rid of Osteoarthritis, Spinal Problem, Cancer with SPMF Therapy

Technology has brought in a lot of advancement in the field of medical sciences. Without undergoing surgical procedure one can now get treated for arthritis, spinal problems and also certain types of cancers, which earlier was thought to be impossible. Well now, with the new breakthrough technology, Sequentially programmed magnetic field (SPMF) therapy, this is now possible.

The SPMF can be precisely aligned onto the target tissues inducing cellular regeneration in osteoarthritis or degeneration in cancer. It effectively utilizes radio-frequency magnetic field beams which are computer controlled, that sensitizes and re-creates the missing biological stimulus necessary for cellular regeneration of cartilage. This unique technology is a painless and affordable alternative to treating certain types of cancers and effective regeneration of articular cartilage in case of Osteoarthritis, without any side effects. It halts the progress of disease and increases cellular strength and its functionality.

SBF Healthcare headquartered in Bengaluru along with its presence in Mumbai is equipped with this state of the art SPMF equipment and a dedicated team of expert consultants who have treated more than 6500 cases of Osteoarthritis, as of today. With this technology SBF Healthcare is able to treat diseases like Arthritis, spinal problems, Cancer and other related ailments.

The best part of this SPMF technology is that, it is painless, relatively cheaper, non-invasive and safe having no side-effects. It has also shown to be the better alternative for knee replacement. Wing Commander (Dr) V. G. Vasishta (Retd.), had pioneered this treatment procedure on the basis of the MRI technology during his tenure at the Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Indian Air Force, Bengaluru.


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  1. Satish kohli
    June 5, 2017 at 5:08 am — Reply

    Am having OA problems with both knees. Also lately diagnosed for Lumbar Spondylolysis, would like to know about the SPMF treatment for my problem.

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