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Get the smile you desired with 3D aligners of Clearpath

Cosmetic dentistry, with its breakthrough technology of 3D aligners has revolutionized the way of treating malocclussion (straighten the teeth) without having to wear brackets and wires. ClearPath has been one of the first institutions in the Asian region and one among the three global institution to introduce this 3D aligners technology. This  innovation in technology of ClearPath’s 3D aligners have evolved through a series of clinical trials before introducing it for clinical use and these have proven to be highly successful in correction of variety of malocclusions cases. So now you can align your teeth and get the smile you always desired without having any social inhibitions with Clearpath’s 3D aligners.

Unlike the traditional braces which calls for a visit to the dentist every time you need to change, this Clearpath’s 3D aligners are virtually invisible and can be changed by the patient without any hassle. Hardly anyone gets to know you’re straightening your teeth. You can remove the aligners to eat, drink, brush, floss or for special occasions, the edges are smooth so they won’t irritate your gums or cheeks. Since the aligners are custom made the dentists will take precise impressions and customize the aligners for the teeth. Using the latest digital mapping and molding technology, Clearpath creates custom aligners with computer precision.

“Treatment through this technology is a clearway to straighten teeth without braces using aligners which offer high level of comfort, convenience and flexibility in comparison to traditional braces. The aligners are clear plastic trays. The patients are provided with approximately 20-25 trays which needs to be changed once in two weeks. Depending on the cases, the treatment process varies from six to eighteen months with cost ranging from Rs 60,000- 1.5 lakhs”, says Mr Anand Tuteja, Country Head, ClearPath.

However, Mr Anand pointed: “Still awareness among the mass about the availability of such technology and the overall dental awareness is lacking. Since affordability is a slight matter of concern for the public, we are also working at strategies to reduce the cost.” Ever since its launch in India in 2010, the response has been good. It was also learnt that apparently, smaller cities like Mysore, Gulbarga, Hubli, Mangalore in Karnataka are also opting for a better lifestyle with an increase demand for aligners in these places.

Clearpath aligners are a popular choice among teens and adults, females and males alike. People aged between 13 years to 60 years are opting for aligners for getting their crooked teeth corrected. The ClearPath aligners are available across hospitals and dental chains like Apollo, Axiss (N.H.), Beyond Smiles, Vasan Dental Care, Dentzz, Dentistree, Dr.Smilez, Fortis, KIMS, My Dentist, Narayana Health Dental among many others.







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