Go for Aldana’s Innovative Pop-out Windows for Better Outside View

By Soumyalipa Das.

Do you have a compact apartment and are looking out for a window kind of set-up to have an outside view? Well, one need not worry as Aldana Ferrer Garcia has designed pop-out windows that would give a better view of the outside world without stepping out for small apartments without a balcony.

Being an architect and industrial designer Garcia put her skills and expertise into designing three different retrofit window concepts keeping the elements of Sky in her mind. The first one was “Hopper Niche” concept that served both as a window and a seat. The design extends outside like the bellows of an accordion. This allowed the person to both sit on the frame and also lean back and rest on it to enjoy the sky. This concept saves space inside the room and also gives a good exposure out of the window.

The second concept was “Casement Niche”, much like the Hopper Niche this one is simple but with a twist. Instead of extending outwards, it rotates to open and has much more space for a person to sit and look down the window and outside. But one drawback with this one is upon closure it occupies space inside the room. This may not be a good idea for the tiny apartments.

The third and the easiest to implement concept was “Awning Niche”. This one is the inverted version of the “Hopper Niche” but with slightly less space. A person can only lean to look out the window instead of sitting on the frame. This one seems like the traditional windows but is much trendier. All the windows are sturdy and weather proof. In densely populated cities these elegant designs would be very much in-demand and would inspire new ideas for modern house designs.


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