Google launches experimental Delhi Public Transport App

Today, Google India announced the launch of their experimental Delhi Public Transport App. The company says the app will make it easier for Delhi residents to travel via public transport. According to Google, the app will be built into Google Maps and is expected to provide users with easy access to transit directions, despite the ongoing problems associated with slow and unreliable internet connections.


Google says their Delhi Public Transport App will make essential information, such as directions, bus stop locations and metro routes, available offline so that users can still access it when their net connection drops. The company says that once the app has been installed, it will use no data when users ask for directions or timetables, even if the phone’s net connection is up and running. The company added that a small amount of data will be used for news alerts and optional feedback reports, and estimates that the news alerts will consume around 1KB each, while the feedback reports can use up to 100 KB per report.

Google has seen a significant increase in the use of Google Maps among Indian users, and the company says it intends to use the experimental transport app to better serve the needs of Delhi’s public transportation customers by making the app an everyday option for them.

The company says their Delhi Transport App is around 1MB in size and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The experimental app will use the same transit data found on Google Maps for DMRC Metro, DTC buses, DIMTS (Orange) buses, and Gurgaon Rapid Metro.

According to the latest ridership data, approximately 2.60 million people travel by Delhi metro, and Google expects their new app to help users plan their commutes efficiently and reach their destinations quicker.

Google says users can touch a button at the top of the new app to provide feedback to the Google Maps team, and that information included in user feedback will be used to improve future versions of both the new transport app and Google Maps. Aside from the feedback button, Google says their Delhi Public Transport App features a “share” button which allows users to invite their friends to download the app directly without a Google Play Store account.

Founded in 1998 by Stanford Ph.D. students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google has established its massive presence in all major global markets. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices scattered across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

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