HackerEarth launches HackerEarth Sprint

Bangalore based HackerEarth, a start-up seeking to democratize technical recruitment, has announced the launch of HackerEarth Sprint which the company says is a unique tool developed for conducting hackathons. HackerEarth Sprint is the platform of choice on which the Aadhar Hackathon, in association with NASSCOM, is to be conducted on January 10 -11, 2015.

The organization says HackerEarth Sprint was developed to reduce the time and effort involved in hackathons. HackerEarth Sprint is supposed to automate the entire process of conducting such sprints, including creation of teams, online collaborative development among participants, showcasing products, tracking progress, peer review and voting to judging the submissions. HackerEarth says the product will allow hackathon participants to link with online platforms like Github, Heroku, AWS and such for code hosting and deployment. HackerEarth says the upcoming version of Sprint will feature integrations with social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, so that all hackathon activities can be driven socially. The tool is intended to make hackathons more scalable as they can be conducted online, with participation from anywhere.Hacker

Elaborating on HackerEarth’s new product, Sachin Gupta, CEO and Co-founder of HackerEarth, said, “Hackathons in India are becoming extremely popular and are being widely used to engage the developer community. Until now, we lacked the technology which makes these massive marathons easy to manage. HackerEarth Sprint aims to simplify the process of conducting hackathons for our customers. The initial feedback from the industry has been very positive and we have received a lot of interest for the new tool.”

Technology companies often conduct coding contests and hackathons in order to interact with the programmer communities both within the organization and from outside. In addition to helping IT companies hire the best developers using their platform, HackerEarth Sprint is also supposed to assist with positive branding and intra-company engagement. HackerEarth says the tool also gives organizations insights into their developer communities and aids in identifying hidden talent in the workforce.

Ravi Gururaj, Chairman of NASSCOM’s Product & Executive Council commented on the value of a good hackathon, “Hackathons are now a critical element at all technology companies to enable community outreach, talent recruitment, ideation, internal team development exercises and platform/API evangelization. The best hackmasters run great events by employing a range of robust web tools, managing the process with agility and flexibility, communicating with participants in real time with rich information feeds, hot wiring everyone up to social media, delivering frictionless DevOps, and ensuring high levels of fun, engagement and participation. HackerEarth’s new offering captures all of these key ingredients into a simple yet powerful cloud based platform which ensures all hackmasters can deliver world class hackathons experiences.”

In the past, leading companies such as Wipro and Pearson have partnered with HackerEarth to carry out hackathons as part of their inter-company engagement. HackerEarth Sprint was recently used by Wipro to host “Wipro Code Storm”, an inter-company coding contest open to the company’s developers, who were invited to solve algorithmic coding problems. The week long hackathon drew 4000 participants and 19,000 submissions.

Regarding the Code Storm event,Ganapathy Nathan, CTO at Wipro, said, “We partnered with HackerEarth to conduct an internal coding event at Wipro, earlier this year. Titled Wipro Code Storm, the week-long initiative saw participating Wipro employees navigate their way through eight diverse challenges, each set at different levels of complexity. A total of 4,000 employees from across 22 countries participated in the event. HackerEarth provides a very useful solution which makes the task of conducting such codeathons very simple and allows us to scale it across thousands of users.”

HackerEarth describes itself as a disruptive marketplace that is redefining talent sourcing. The organization says it helps companies discover the best technical talent through its network of developers, indexed and ranked by their skills and automatically validated by mining their online social and professional data.

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