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Hair Multiplication Transplant -the newest technology in hair transplant is here

Losing one’s self-confidence and self-esteem is what many people are faced with when they go bald. Well, this is no longer going to be a problem. A new technology in hair transplant called Hair Multiplication Transplant (HMT) could be the answer for all all those having problem of baldness. HMT was launched on Wednesday for the first time in Karnataka by Hairline International Research and Treatment Centre. This HMT procedure combines the best of standard surgical procedures using FUE and FUT methods and the benefits of Acell matrix and Platelet Rich Plasma in hair transplant.

Two major advantages of the HMT procedure are -it is minimally invasive and there is no loss of donor hair in the course of the procedure. How the hair multiplication transplant system works? Plucked donor hair is dipped into a medium that is a mix of Acell Matrix and Platelet Rich plasma. These enriched hairs are then transplanted onto the bald areas of the patient, where it begins to grown naturally, as normal hair would.

Speaking at the launch of this technology, Dr. Dinesh G. Gowda, Dermato-surgeon, Hairline International Research and Treatment Centre says, “Acell Matrix enhances the growth of new blood vessels with Mesenchymal cells. The Platelet Rich plasma releases various growth factors that encourage the growth of transplanted hair. With this technique, the plucked hair used increases the density of the transplant area. It also preserves the donor area. The loss of plucked hair is minimal with a 30% growth rate for the total hair plucked.”

Above all the hair multiplication transplant procedure is an easy and non-invasive method of hair transplant and is particularly suitable for patients with a lesser donor area. The germinative cells secured when plucking hair is enough to form new hair follicles without reducing their growth in the donor area. This ensures that the donor area is preserved.

“As a part of the service industry and one that has to be personal grooming, we are constantly on the lookout for the latest technology that will help our patients. Hair Multiplication Transplant is a procedure that combines hair multiplication with conventional hair transplantation to give additional benefits and results than the average transplant surgery. It will encourage a larger number of people to seek hair fall solutions,” said Bani Anand, Founder and CEO, Hairline International Research and Treatment Centre.

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