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HCG developed an app to keep breast cancer in check

Of all forms of cancer, breast cancer seems to be increasingly prevalent among Indian women. As against the early days where breast cancer were seen only among elderly people above 50 years age, currently it is striking younger women in the age group of 20-40 years. Keeping this in mind, using the available technology, Bangalore based cancer specialty hospital HCG has developed a new mobile application ‘HCG Breast Cancer Care’.

HCG developed app for android mobile phones.

HCG developed app for android mobile phones.

We were trying to figure out that usage of smart phones are being common. Apart from communication it is being widely used for games, purchase and various other purpose. All this led us to think why not we develop an app for wellness of a person? This gave rise to ‘HCG Breast Cancer Care’, a community based app which gives an in-depth analysis on breast cancer, self-examination, and can help an individual with the regular checkups, said Mr Dinesh Madhavan, Director, Healthcare Services, HCG.

The app which is currently available for android mobile phones, once downloaded will allow the user to create their profile along with details like email id and this gets customized. Following which, the user can watch a video which gives the information about how self examination of breast can be done, provides information about warnings and symptoms. In the next step, the user can set reminder about their next self-examination date and also lets you know about any difference noticed compared to the previous examination. The user is then allowed to join a community where they can get connected to breast cancer survivors, support groups, those battling with breast cancer, care givers and also group of oncologists and can share their questions and take suggestions.

“This app allows privacy for the users as many women still have the stigma and sigh off from sharing about the disease. Technology has made so much of advancement so we thought of using the technology which can be used to make people aware. Self examination of breast which is the most important tool to keep off breast cancer is still not happening in India. Unlike cervical cancer, breast cancer is largely prevalent among urban population and it is not just female even male are falling prey to it” the Director further stressed.

Meanwhile HCG is soon coming up with similar app for IOS and windows mobile phones too.

It can be noted that according to a recent report, approximately 1.5 lakh patients are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in India. Oncology specialist from Bangalore, Karnataka as a state has the 6th highest incidence of breast cancer among other states in the country. Breast cancer amounts to 27% of all cancers prevalent among women and the majority of them are in urban areas. Currently it is more common in the younger age group and about 53.2% of all women suffering from this cancer in Bangalore are below the age of 50 years.

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