HCL’s graphic novel launched at Comic Con 2015

HCL COMICHCL Technologies has launched their Chronicles of Ideapreneurs, a graphic novel which showcases praisworthy ideas and case studies from HCL’s frontline staff. The book was launched at Bangalore’s Comic Con 2015 by Prithvi Shergill, the Chief Human Resources Officer at HCL Technologies. HCL says it developed the graphic novel as a means of recognizing and celebrating the contributions of the company’s employees, and says its purpose is to encourage employees to think proactively and to implement innovative, value enhancing concepts.

HCL says the creation and launch of the book is an example of the company’s culture of “Ideapreneurship.” The graphic novel is an assortment of true stories about regular, unsung individuals who go above and beyond the contractual obligations of their work to create innovative solutions that add value to the company. Each episode in the book covers a different HCL employee, and carries the story of that person’s example of Ideapreneurship.

HCL says its culture of Ideapreneurship sets it apart from other IT corporations because the company’s employees are encouraged to think and innovate beyond what is stipulated in their contracts. The company says that with internal tools such as the Value Portal, LeadGen, Mad Jam and Good Practices Conference, along with a reward and recognition program, it has been able to institutionalize the Ideapreneurship culture.

According to HCL, “’Employees First’ is our means of getting into the very core of the individual and decoding their individuality and diversity. This also helps in unleashing their potential and equipping them with the necessary tools to enhance the value zone – the employee-customer interface, and in turn, allowing us to maximize the “wow” factor delivered to our customers. Ideapreneurship is HCL’s culture of grass-roots, business-driven, customer-focused innovation, in which every employee is an Ideapreneur. This environment is shaped by HCL’s ‘Employees First’ values, which collectively empower and encourage individual employees at all levels of the organization to come up with innovative solutions to operational and customer challenges. It encourages employees to become idea led entrepreneurs, who think of new ideas and drive them to fruition.”

Now that the first volume of Chronicles of Ideapreneurs has been released, subsequent volumes are expected later this year.

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