Hike to host HikeAThon on March 29, 2015

Hike Messenger, an Indian chat app and one of the fastest growing mobile apps, is hosting a hackathon, or HikeAThon, for innovative engineers and mobile developers from 28th March to 29th March, 2015. The company says that outstanding techies could be offered jobs at this fast growing Indian start-up. The hackathon will be presided by Hike’s Chief Technology Officer, Rajat Bansal, who will announce the names of the winning hackers along with those who receive job offers.

Hike is a mobile chat app that provides both instant messaging and SMS. It was developed by Kavin Bharti Mittal through a partnership between Delhi based Bharti Enterprises Pvt Ltd and Japan’s Softbank Corp. In 2013, Hike was rated the #1 Top Free App in the Google Play Store. The Hike chat app is available across all the mainstream platforms, and competes with Tencent Holdings Ltd’s WeChat, Line Corp’s messaging service and the ever ubiquitous WhatsApp.

Mobile apps that provide free messaging and voice calls are now all the rage as consumers are always looking for ways to avoid being unduly fleeced by unscrupulous wireless carriers. Because of this, mobile app development is a hot area of competion in the IT sector.

In addition to helping users circumvent excessive wireless charges, Hike may very well increase one’s personal security, since users can now stop others from reading their messages.  Consenting adults, who are supposed to enjoy autonomy and the right to privacy as enshrined in the Constitution, are being forced to find new ways to protect themselves and their friends from despotic, and often violent, family members who would likely become enraged over the very existence of a private life. This is one of the main reasons Hike’s privacy option, “hidden mode,” was a key feature that helped it to surpass WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in popularity. Last year, Hike boasted over 35 million users in a market with over 1 billion mobile subscribers. Hike’s “hidden mode” allows users to protect their private messages with a password.

Hike’s platform also allows users to send SMS messages to phones that do not have Hike installed, which, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers, is gaining appeal in the Indian market, where about 70% of the population still use fairly basic phones with limited internet access. While Hike is a free, cross platform messenger app- not unlike PalmChat, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger- this SMS feature is one aspect which sets it apart. A hike user can send 100 Hike SMS messages per month, free of cost.



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Tracy Venkatesh

Tracy Venkatesh

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