India a Key App Market to Watch in 2016 – App Annie Report

Smartphone usage in India seems to have grown by leaps and bounds. Along with this, various mobile apps also have witnessed an exponential growth and is expected to grow further. According to App Annie report, India is likely to be the key App Market to watch in 2016.

The App Annie report released recently entitled “The Next Horizon of Emerging App Markets” underlines the trends in emerging markets throughout 2015 and to identify key growth markets, factors and untapped opportunities. The report highlighted the continued growth of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) markets.

Major highlights of the report:

India is expected to remain highly attractive to app publishers seeking user base expansion and monetization opportunities due to its bright economic outlook, rapid smartphone adoption and mobile-savvy population in 2016.
The BRIC countries held approximately 30% share of iOS and Google Play combined downloads worldwide in 2015. Besides India, China and Brazil remain attractive markets for investment.

Emerging markets such as Thailand and Vietnam represent the next frontier for mobile app growth. Vietnam saw nearly 60% YoY growth in downloads, and revenue growth ranged between 30% to 40% across both Vietnam and Thailand.

The soaring demand for mobile apps in India drove the success of local mobile-first companies in securing substantial venture funding in 2015. The report also stresses the importance of understanding and navigating the challenges with expanding into emerging markets.

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