Indian start-up Bluemeric launches goPaddle

Indian start-up, Bluemeric, yesterday announced the launch of goPaddle, the company’s SDLC 3.0 platform. Bluemeric currently focuses on DevOps solutions and services.

While cloud computing has impacted application development in a significant way, both web and mobile based application development companies have benefitted greatly by developing and launching their products on the cloud. That said, downtimes and miscommunication snafus can put the brakes on an app’s journey Blumericfrom lab to market. Bluemeric says 80% of downtime is caused by miscommunication regarding release changes, and that 45-65% of the problems arise during the requirements and design phase of development. The company says its goPaddle platform will address such problems by improving collaboration between teams and by helping to identify problems early in the release cycle through what the company calls “a container based shift left approach.” According to Bluemeric, goPaddle offers developers and IT teams flexibility in choice of operating systems and cloud platforms throughout the software release cycle.

Vinothini Raju, Founder and CEO of Bluemeric

Vinothini Raju, Founder and CEO of Bluemeric

Vinothini Raju, Founder and CEO of Bluemeric, commented on goPaddle, “Container technology adds a new dimension of portability in software release cycles. Development and IT teams now have a choice of using either infrastructure or platform clouds across the release cycle without worrying about application portability issues. With goPaddle, companies can take advantage of light weight and portable software release management on cloud.”

Despite increasing use of PaaS and container technology, most applications are still running on infrastructure clouds instead of platform clouds. The goPaddle solution is expected to connect the two technologies with existing application deployments. Bluemeric’s announcement closely follows Red Hat’s OpenShift Enterprise 3 announcement, which was issued last week. Bluemeric says goPaddle integrates with the open source verison of OpenShift v3 PaaS, Kubernetes and other infrastructure clouds such as AWS and Google Cloud.

The company says that with goPaddle, cloud based application development companies can accelerate their software development processes, and, similarly, can carry out forward and reverse engineering of a multi-tier application. According to Bluemeric, companies can also achieve application portability across different cloud platforms, while ensuring agile delivery.

Bluemeric CTO, Giragadurai Vallirajan

Bluemeric CTO, Giragadurai Vallirajan

Bluemeric’s CTO, Giragadurai Vallirajan, added, “We have been closely following the technology trends in the portability space and we have found Docker to be a game changer in the container management space. We wanted to contribute to the Docker adoption and have also released open source tools like DockYard to manage Docker containers. Based on our DevOps consulting experiences, we have seen how Docker can simplify application release management. Our technical expertise in Docker and clustering platforms like Kubernetes has helped us develop a solution like goPaddle.”

The company says goPaddle is available as a closed source SaaS application and is currently in public beta. It is available to customers as a free subscription with limited licenses for the next 3 months.

Bangalore based Bluemeric has also expanded operations to the United States in order to facilitate interaction with the American developer community.

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