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The road to success can be a rough one for independent film makers, due to lack of funding, resources, publicity and helpful contacts. could help these struggling artists get a leg up with its free online platform.

The platform is a place where independent film makers can connect, free of cost, with other stakeholders in the industry, allowing them to network while also reaching out for mentoring, funding and other assistance.

Artists will likely find IndieBoogie’s Masterminds page to be of significant value, as it facilitates collaboration, discussions and mentoring via audio/video conference calls. Recent Masterminds activity included a lesson in screenwriting, plus a guest appearance from American executive producer, and partner of IndieBoogie, Justin Kincaid from

In addition to helping film makers, IndieBoogie also has something to offer fans on its Cinema page, where one can view films and/or read about the films being presented.

Daniel at work  (Shot by Amie Nash, used with permission)

Daniel at work (Shot by Amie Nash, used with permission)

Launched on August 10, 2014, IndieBoogie was created by Daniel Owen van Dommelen and Rosie Morland of Fighting Badgers, Ltd. Daniel has taken time from his busy schedule to tell Techspirit’s readers more about IndieBoogie.

What needs and inspirations prompted the creation of IndieBoogie?

We were looking for a place to have a digital film production office that was free and easy to use, both of which don’t exist. Also, since we have quite an extensive social media following, we decided to use the site as a free promotional tool for other filmmakers as well, and use our network to promote our users and their films.”

How many active members does the site have thus far, and how much has membership grown since it was launched?

A little less than 600 active members, they have been growing at a rate of 10 a day and still rising every day, ever since we added the promotional features.”

Who has funded IndieBoogie to date, and how much has been invested?

There has been zero money involved with IndieBoogie. No funding, and no amounts, just a lot of invested time.”

Future fundraising plans?

Sure, show me the money! But, seriously, we’re looking to monetize through sponsors, and if investors would come on board, I am afraid they will want to go with a subscription model, and IndieBoogie will be free for filmmakers forever!”

Any well known artists associated with the site?

We have a lot of people in various stages of their career, so some might be more known than others.”

What milestones have been reached so far?

We achieved a highly vibrant community that is very engaged, that’s the only milestone we are after. IndieBoogie is my last hurrah to programming, and I am not playing by the rules of any kind of project management, and that includes milestones.”

What problems did you encounter in the beginning and how were they solved?

Getting people to understand the site, which was solved by constantly talking to our users and implementing redesigns.”

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