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Innovative pre-filled pen injector for diabetics

An emerging global epidemic of diabetes is placing a huge burden on healthcare services. An estimated 347 million people worldwide suffer from the disease. The World Health Organization predicts that, by 2030, diabetes will be the seventh leading cause of death.

Working towards this effect, of the various technologies developed to tackle and manage diabetes, Cambridge Consultants in co-ordination with AstraZeneca has come up with an innovative technology in the field promising to improve treatment for diabetes.The product BYDUREON Pen has also received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. The unique device (BYDUREON Pen) eliminates the need for patients to transfer medication between the vial and syringe during self-injection.

BYDUREON is once-weekly medicine which can be used as an adjunct to diet and exercise to improve glycaemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes. The BYDUREON Pen is a pre-filled, single-use pen injector eliminating the need for the patient to transfer the medication between a vial and syringe during the self-injection process. The exenatide microspheres and diluent are housed in separate chambers within the pen device and only mixed at the time of injection.

The design has been made in such a way that it guides the patient to the right place to grip the pen and leads them to naturally hold the device at the correct angle that enables the drug to be mixed properly before injection. The design includes ‘windows’ which show the mixing process inside the pen injector in order to focus the user’s attention on this key element of the process.

While patients can live a very long and healthy life with diabetes, it’s all dependent on good glycaemic control – which in turn depends on taking the required amount of insulin at the appropriate times throughout the day. If patients do not maintain their glucose levels within the target range, this can damage their organs, blood vessels and nerves over time, putting them at risk of further health complications – which is driving the high cost of diabetes to the healthcare system.

Cambridge Consultants is part of Altran, a global leader in innovation and high-tech engineering consulting which supports companies in the creation and development of their new products and services. “Our objective was to make the whole procedure as simple as possible, eliminating the need for the patient to transfer the medication between a vial and syringe during the self-injection process. We carried out extensive usability testing to ensure both patients and healthcare professionals were able to successfully use the BYDUREON Pen” said, Andy Pidgeon, Head of industrial design and human factors group at Cambridge Consultants.

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