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InterStim therapy enables patient suffering from urinary incontinence live normal life.

For those individual suffering from over-active bladder (urinary incontinence) need not worry or be ashamed of. Advancement in medical technology has brought about newer and better treatment procedure. InterStim therapy is one such therapy for treating overactive bladder which helps in sending signals to the bladder so that it can function normally, thereby enabling patient suffering from urinary incontinence to live normal life.

This problem usually arises when the sacral nerves (S3), which control the bladder and muscles related to the urinary function, fail to communicate correctly with the brain and to tell the bladder to function properly. In the event that the nerves and the brain are no longer communicating effectively, resulting in a bladder disorder, Interstim is designed to imitate a signal sent via the central nervous system.

Speaking to Techspirit about the new InterStim technology Dr.T Manohar, Urologist, Columbia Asia Hospital said: “InterStim Therapy modulates the sacral nerves with mild electrical pulses. This helps the brain and the nerves to communicate so the bladder and related muscles can function properly. This therapy has a trial/test phase and during this phase, the urinary flow and other effects of the stimulation are studied for nearly a week. If the response is good, the electrodes are permanently connected to a small neuro stimulator placed in the hip and the patient is given a wireless remote to regulate his urinary functions.”

The procedure is done in 2 stages, in the first stage the Physicians implant a thin wire in the sacrum and connects it to an external pulse generator which needs to be carried for a period of 2 weeks to analyze the results. If the improvements in the symptoms are more than 50 % then your physician will do the second stage procedure wherein the external pulse generator is disconnected and an internal pulse generator is implanted just underneath your skin. Post stage 2 the patient is given a small programmer which allows you to regulate the intensity and switch on/off the stimulations.

This FDA approved InterStim device works in a similar way like that of a pace-maker for the heart. This technology has been used worldwide and the response has been excellent. This InterStim technology was used for the first time in India at Columbia Asia Hospital, Yeshwantpur, Bengaluru for treating a 40 year old female who had been suffering from over-active bladder over the past many years. She had started showing remarkable improvement from day three onwards of the procedure, further added Dr Manohar.


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