Ion Tech Wear-A Belt that Charges your Smart Device

By Soumyalipa Das.

With mobile phones becoming a must have for everyone so are the power banks too, to have uninterrupted services while on the go. Well, one need not bother about the power banks now, a much friendlier second generation product Ion Tech wear- a belt that charges the smart device is here now.

Mobile phone has become an important asset in our life these days, it’s like a mini computer in your pocket. These smart devices have several power-consuming apps due to which the battery drains out pretty quickly. There are these power banks available but who would like to carry it all the time and sometimes you tend to forget it as well. So the developers of Ion belt came to our rescue with the sleek and stylish fine leather belt that boasts of a 3,000 mAh battery where the USB recharger is built into the buckle.

Developed by a team of highly talented and experienced professionals- the Nifty developers (popularly known for MiniDrive) and Aaron Krause (known as the Daddy of Scrub Daddy) the Ion Tech wear battery is secured between two different layers of steel using ‘Encapsulpak’ steel-clad technology to protect the batteries from accidental damage. The battery won’t be discharged for three hours and has a LED charge indicator on the belt which shows how much more charge is left.

These ion batteries are quite inexpensive and the ion belt will be available on Kickstarter at the cost of $89 and will be shipping worldwide from June 2016. This innovation is going to revolutionize the technology without compromising on fashion. Ion-belt doesn’t interrupt charging even when you are riding a bike.

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