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Mr Sanjoe Tom Jose, Co-Founder and CEO of Talview, is a man of mettle who exemplifies three qualities of ethics, experience and entrepreneurship. With his learning from his past experience, he envisages to make the cumbersome process of job search much easier for candidates in a country like India.

Instituted in the year 2012, Talview (earlier referred to as Interview Master Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd) is a pioneer and leader in video-mobile recruitment solutions which assists organizations in screening candidates before a face to face meeting. Headquartered in Bengaluru, the company was founded by four Bombay IITians, armed with robust top management consulting background. The concept of talview has its roots in IIT-Bombay campus recruitments, where in, it involved recognizing the potential of the idea we came up with to help alumni conduct mock interviews for juniors at IIT campus. The alumni could be based anywhere in the world and they also had unpredictable schedules, so we thought of making the interview videos available online to the alumni, who could access them at their convenience. A few of the alumni came back to us and suggested we make our automated videos available as a service, said Mr Sanjoe Jose, CEO & Co-Founder,Talview.

An MBA from IIT Bombay, Sanjoe with his strategizing abilities, innovative thinking and unmatched business approach, he strives to make Talview a default choice for leading MNCs. The tools provided by Talview are Automated or Asynchronous Video Interview, Live Interview, Remote Proctored Written Assessments and Hiring Analytics. Talview has helped its clients to lessen the time and cost involved in recruitment by more than 50% by reducing the time spent by panel in review and faster turnaround time.

When asked about how he came up with the idea of Talview, Sanjoe said: “I was active in IIT Bombay Entrepreneurship cell and was looking for right opportunity to do something on my own. When I realized the potential of leveraging technology for hiring, I discussed the same with my cofounders and together we decided to take the plunge. At the same time factors like penetration of internet and mobile were increasing. We wanted to leverage these technologies to build solutions which will help connect between candidates and employers irrespective of constraints like location, schedule, low speed internet in an effective and efficient way.”

Coming up to this level was not an easy task. Sharing his experience he says: “B2B market in India is one of the toughest in the world but we are seeing a change in the attitude especially with large number of MNCs setting up operations in India. Also a category of companies we call Pseudo-MNCs at Talview, IT/BPO organizations who serve foreign clients and Pharma companies who have significant operations in developed markets abroad are adopting technologies much faster.”

Talview is growing at 500% year on year and is now looking to expand globally. Within a year the company was able to raise seed funding of Rs. 60 lakhs from Venture Nursery in early 2013., was also funded by Mayfield in July, 2014. Talview was selected as one of Nasscom Emerge 50 and Intech 50. He said: “We are scaling up our sales and operational capabilities significantly. We are also investing in adding new capabilities to our product platform. We are doing some pioneering work in Hiring Analytics.”

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