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Lifespan – a disorder which culminated into mission

Lifespan has been at the helm in terms of diabetes management and treatment. It began with a single diabetic whose fight against diabetes urged him to create Lifespan, a place dedicated for the care and management of diabetes and cardio-metabolic problems. Like most diabetics, Mr Ashok Jain, Managing Director and CEO of Lifespan Wellness Group, initially went through the phase of denial. After which he tried endless home remedies. Finally, when nothing much seemed to help, he consulted a diabetologist who put him on diabetes medication. This too led to the cycle of going from one doctor to another looking for a cure. Little did he know at that time that diabetes can only be managed, not cured.

Since his blood sugar wasn’t under control, one doctor even put him on insulin without giving any instruction on how to take it. Ashok continued reading and learning more about diabetes. He had noted the fact that India is among the severely affected countries, and there are now many more people with pre-diabetes (a condition in which the blood sugar level is above normal and should not be ignored as long-term damage of the heart and circulatory system could have already begun). After various interactions with brilliant teams of doctors with a passion of serving diabetics, he decided to start Lifespan. Today, Lifespan has helped many more diabetics like him get the care they deserve. Meanwhile, he has just added a diabetes management app which are available for android mobile phone users.

In a conversation with Techspirit, Mr Ashok shares his experience about the coming up of Lifespan and the road ahead:

TS. Could you tell me how you came up with the idea of Lifespan?

Ans: Diabetes has taken over India like an epidemic. There are four main reasons for this phenomenon:

1. Increased incidence of pre-diabetes.

2. Poor doctor-to-diabetics ratio in India.

3. Improper/insufficient information about diabetes management.

4. Unavailability of extensive support system for diabetics.

Lifespan Diabetes and Cardiometabolic clinics were set up with a mission to address these issues as well as to provide full care for diabetics. Lifespan’s full care involves specialist consultation, RISC assessment, individual diet plan and maximum support. Lifespan’s aim is to bridge the doctor-to-diabetic ratio gap in the nation by expanding its service throughout the country.

TS. Brief about Lifespan and why special clinic for diabetes?

Ans: Lifespan provides all round support for diabetics. Patients can reach them via video consultation, phone, SMS, web chat, e-mail-apart from personal consultation during regular hours. Lifespan has taken diabetes and cardio-metabolic management to a new level with organized support system and state-of-the-art medicare for the treatment and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes. With personal diabetes counselling, medication, diet and lifestyle modifications, diabetics who visit Lifespan notice a definite improvement in their health. It is no wonder that their trust has made Lifespan the world’s largest chain of diabetes and cardio-metabolic clinics.

TS. How is Lifespan different from other brand?

Ans: Lifespan has always been at the forefront of bringing innovations to the quality of patient service and healthcare in the area of diabetes and cardiometabolic management.Lifespan’s full care for diabetes consists of:

Counselling by specialist doctors.

Individualized diet plan.

Non-invasive tests that help in detection of prediabetes and diabetes complications.

Maximum support.

Lifespan provides an integrated solution for your health problems with expertise, diagnostics and guidance under one roof. It also offers multi-therapeutic solutions by employing specialists doctors that help address the various complications arising from uncontrolled blood sugar levels.

TS. Lifespan’s vision?

Ans: Lifespan’s Vision is to have a ‘World Without Diabetes’. The growing number of diabetes in our nation is a major concern. The best way to combat diabetes epidemic is by learning to prevent it.

Education: This begins with educating people about diabetes. Educating people about diabetes consists of two main steps. The first step is to make people aware of the steps they can take to prevent diabetes while the second step is the need for early detection of pre-diabetes and diabetes.

TS. Future plans?

Ans: This year more than 10,074 people visited Lifespan clinics all over India. Within such a short span of time, Lifespan has had more than 25,185 interactions and expanded its services to 25 clinics across India. Marching ahead in its vision to provide diabetics with full care, Lifespan plans to extend its services to more cities and have 100 clinics in the next year. Lifespan’s aim is to reach out to more than 25,000 diabetics in the coming year. With the phenomenal growth in the number of patients visiting Lifespan’s clinics, Lifespan isn’t too far from its goal of touching the lives of 5 lakh diabetics across India within the next 5 years.

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Luna Dewan

Luna Dewan

With six years of her journalism experience, Luna Dewan has worked for leading print media like the New Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle and DNA. She has been writing on healthcare, environment and various other civic issues. She is now with Techspirit.in as the Assistant Editor.

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