Lybrate Brings Healthcare Right at Your Hands

With newer and newer technology coming in, living is made easy. And healthcare in one such aspect which has witnessed tremendous change with a positive aspect. The newly launched Lybrate’s mobile app helps patients and their family to keep themselves away from the long queue at the hospitals to meet a doctor. It has a WhatsApp-like interface that ensures a user-friendly approach bringing health right at your hands.

Using the Lybrate mobile app, users can easily book appointments without any hassle waiting in long queues at the same time providing an opportunity for the patients to have an interactive dialogue with the doctors. In addition to this yet another interesting aspect of this app lies in the healthcare tips it provides through the smart phones. It provides advises regarding ways to eat healthy, checking salt and sugar intake, sleeping duration, benefits of drinking plenty of water, taking staircase for walking, etc.

Lybrate has over 80,000 doctors registered from across the country catering to all kinds of ailments . Through the app users can have a chat with top doctors from across India and get useful tips to stay healthy and happy. Lybrate also has a video calling facility through which users can consult the doctor face to face in order to get better understanding.

Features of Lybrate app:
Ask Health-related Questions.
Get opinions.
Get daily health bytes.
Personalized Health Planners.
Manage Medical Records.

Lybrate is founded by Saurabh Arora, a former Facebook mobile data scientist.Funded by Nexus Venture Partners, Lybrates aims to reach out to the remotest areas where even the basic healthcare facilities are still lacking.

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Luna Dewan

Luna Dewan

With six years of her journalism experience, Luna Dewan has worked for leading print media like the New Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle and DNA. She has been writing on healthcare, environment and various other civic issues. She is now with as the Assistant Editor.

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